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The rebranding of Kosovo is a way to grow for an entire football movement

Logo and jerseys between national heritage and a new generation

The rebranding of Kosovo is a way to grow for an entire football movement  Logo and jerseys between national heritage and a new generation

Kosovo has presented its own rebranding that will involve both the uniforms and the logo of the local Federation. The Balkan national team, recognized as independent since 2016 (exordendo in Frankfurt with a victory) has been building its identity since that year, starting from field processes to operations like these. The improvements in Kosovo, however, reflect a particular phenomenon: a sport movement born in the second decade of the year 2000 that tries to establish itself in the world of football.

The Kosovo national team defines a new point on the map of Balkan football, a new player in the world of football jerseys that, being such a young reality, can only grow. Although he has not yet played even an international competition - the national team did not qualify for Euro 2020, but will play these days for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers. 

The rebranding of the national team is evident with the new logo, the fifth in order of time after the first presented in 2000, when it was not yet a Federation recognized by UEFA. As some have seen in recent months, the logo is no longer circular but pointed, and is smoother in design and elegant in colors: a total update compared to the old models of this Federation. For the jerseys, the brand chosen is 14Fourteen, a Swiss brand that has signed since 2016 (before it was PUMA) the first, second, third and goalkeeper of the Balkan national team. The jerseys are very simple and mostly focus on the main colours - blue for the Home model, white for the Away - with a different template for each game template. On the Home model there is a gradient design up to half, in the Away model instead it covers the whole pattern and the third is more similar to the first (with a different fantasy).  

The mesh set exactly reflects the style of a growing project. A good idea of pattern and a simple but not banal design that responds to the unpretentious needs of a sports reality born just five years ago. But, right from the start, he makes contact with his origins. Both on the logo and on the pattern of the playing uniforms there are in fact references to the Reign of Dardania, a territory that extended from the north of Albania to North Macedonia and that fully included Kosovo (between the 3rd century a.C. and the 4th century d.C.). On the jerseys, in fact, appears the Dardain Labyrinth, an element typical of those areas that, precisely, in each uniform is represented in a different form. Details like this, along with nuances and colors, are all references to Kosovo's national identity. As young as it was born, the basic originality of this aesthetic project is already highlighted, which wants to appropriate its own space (and to be improved over time) in the sport image of the Balkan countries. 

Football in this country actually began in 1942 with a primordial friendly, but before announcing a definitive sporting identity in 2016 - through the recognition of UEFA - a country passed (Yugoslavia, under whose national team world and Europeans played) and a terrible conflict - the Kosovo War. In recent years, not having a national team, many players born in Kosovo or with Kosovo origins played for Serbia and Montenegro first and then for Serbia, but since its foundation in 2014 and in particular since the final officiality of 2016, many talents have decided to answer to Kosovo's call. There are a number of Kosovo players well known in Italy such as Muriqi (of Lazio), Rrahmani (of Napoli), Vojvoda (of Torino) or even the talent Zhegrova of Basel and Sulejmani of Hanover who had the double passport today play for the selection coached by the Swiss Bernard Challandes. They have never played a game in an international competition: these days, against Spain, Sweden, Greece and Georgia, they will try to qualify for the next World Cup


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