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The adidas jersey for Euro 2020

With the latest Away models, the atlas of uniforms produced by the German brand is completed

The adidas jersey for Euro 2020  With the latest Away models, the atlas of uniforms produced by the German brand is completed

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Euro 2020 will start - a year late - with the first match between Italy and Turkey at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome to inaugurate the competition. Approaching the races, adidas began to present the kits of its national teams, adding to the Home models also the travel jerseys. In the last few hours, away models from Spain, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Russia have been presented, in addition to those of Wales, Hungary and Scotland already presented in 2020. The picture of adidas jerseys at Euro 2020 is complete. On the pitch, keep an eye on the adidas derby between Spain and Sweden in Group E and the less exciting one (due to technical disparity) between Belgium and Russia in Group B. 

The top National team 

Belgium is the national team that, for Euro 2020, of all, has made the most important changes. The logo has been modified (moving from the triangular historical one to a more modern and minimal one, maintaining colors and writings of the Federation, but removing the graces from the font and inserting a background beige inside the figure). A coat of arms that goes very well on both new kits, more dynamic and colorful than the models before, simpler and more flat in design. Germany, on the other hand, has maintained the total white of the historic Home model, but has totally modified the Away model, one of the best jerseys of the next European. Simple pattern, total black, finish with the social colors on the edges. 

Spain has a more ambitious design with a more faded template and, as seen for other kits, patterns with overlapping shades compared to the unique red palette of the 2019 model. Disappointing Sweden. For Ibrahimovic's return there will not be a great shirt, as adidas has kept the yellow on simple. But the Away one is a good work by adidas, pretty elegant and with a lovely blue.

The outsiders

To celebrate Scotland's return after 25 years in an international competition, adidas has been working on two models completely different from the previous ones, simple and collared. The templates in fact have different designs: horizontal gradient strips for the Home, the same but oblique for the Away. adidas has also varied for Russia, (on which has been unleashed a controversy) whose pattern is divided in two and has in the central block a cross of floral games. Nothing special in the uniforms of Wales - who will play against Italy - and Hungary. 

A unique model can be noted in the adidas patterns. The first uniforms each have its own peculiarity and are practically unique, while the Away models consider almost all of them identical traits. The camouflage pattern in the center of the shirt is found in many jerseys (Spain, Wales and Belgium Away and Russia Home) and the same detail of the multiple shot on the edge of the sleeves, which in some cases proposes overlapping colors, in others is unique in color.  Adidas' work for the jerseys of Germany, Belgium and Sweden Away is very interesting, while otherwise, beyond the obvious break with the simple models of the other years, there is no particularly stunning aesthetic.