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CCP LATIGO: Madrid joins the football creative community global network

Launching Latigoool: a double jersey collaboration with adidas

CCP LATIGO: Madrid joins the football creative community global network Launching Latigoool: a double jersey collaboration with adidas

In Milan there is (among many) Calcetto Eleganza, Seoul Team First, London Soho Warriors, Paris Le BallonNowhere FC in New York. Madrid is also added to this small network of football-fashion communities thanks to the CCP LATIGOSpain has been off the fashion radar for years, but in recent years it has been rapidly closing the gap from other European cities by cultivating a growing street creative scene and the historic passion for futbòl. With this idea was born CCP LATIGO: a group of friends designers, photographers, creatives and models who share a passion for football (the team plays in the local league of Fuencarral, in the north of Madrid), for fashion, for streetwear, and to which is combined the desire to combine these things all together in the neighborhood they frequent, the Ciudad de los Periodistas.

As they explain themselves, CCP is local football. It's Madrid. It's family. On the other hand, the world of CCP is made up of bonds that go beyond football. As Pablo Alzaga says:

"CCP is like a dream come true. Some of my work colleagues, my best friends and my brother play here. It's a safe place where we can show who we really are. Despite the global situation and these difficult times, I hope it can find a way to connect and kick with other communities around the world." 

And for next season they presented Latigoool, a collection produced together with adidas and LATIGO, a Madrid streetwear brand that has already worked in the sports world for the jerseys of Dellafuente F.C. (a fantasy team linked to an aesthetic project) and which has been sponsor of the CCP since the 2018/19 season. The two new jerseys will sponsor the CCP for the 2021 season when it leaves, but in the meantime they define another point in the relationship between football and fashion in Spain, of which the community of boys in the north of Madrid is one of the best expressions. In this regard, Javier Munarriz, Fashion Consultant at CCP, explained: 

Our first approach to football culture with LATIGO came out with the project "Familia Above Colours", a shirt made by Real Madrid and Barcelona half shirts. To me, it was a message of unity. For madrid and barça fans, Sacrilege. Subsequently, our connection to football materialized in different ways, developing collabs with brands such as Sony and Mahou or Dellafuente FC, a national reference on lifestyle and football communities.

There are two uniforms, a black Home and a white Away with special fantasies. The black model remains more basic and simple, with the white collar along with some details (the three adidas stripes, the edge of the sleeve), while the white pattern is also very simple, to which are added scattered colored objects. The name of Latigoool, placed in the center of the shirt with a Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk font. The peculiarity of the collection is that the two jerseys will be produced in a limited edition of only 40 pieces, which will be given to the families and friends of the members of the CCP team. But despite this, some team fans also will have the opportunity of getting a jersey.

Products like this are what define the aesthetics of a sports project as CCP. They contrast with the football aesthetic in Spain, where the products of Real, Barcelona still dominate, an idea of outfits still very much linked to the merch of the big clubs. In this sense, Pablo Lopez explains:

"these references are a common place for my brand in products such as scarves, socks and patches. On the other hand, off the field, the contemporary footballer's lifestyle is a great inspiration for what I call expensive lifestyle, a mix of what good and bad taste is really nowadays. Aspiration through inspiration."


The dialogue between football and the streetwear world may seem silent in the Spanish capital, but in reality, pablo Alzaga always explains, "although there has always been a lack of these communities (football-strettwear, ed) in Spain, the scene is changing. When football began to meet the streetwear environments that were in Madrid (with LATIGO and Dellafuente F.C. as two of the main contributors), many creatives with similar interests met among them". The attention to this reality in Spain is growing and the world of street fashion - thanks to club like CCP - is intersecting with the sports environment.