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The new adidas kit of Flamengo

A celebratory uniform to celebrate the "golden year" of 1981

The new adidas kit of Flamengo A celebratory uniform to celebrate the golden year of 1981

Flamengo officially presented the new Home shirt (signed adidas) for the 2021 season, in which Mengao turns out to be one of the favorite teams for the victory of Brasileirao. The new uniform designed by the German brand is a sort of celebratory uniform, in reference to the 40th anniversary of the historic sporting milestone of the conquest of two great international competitions: the Copa Libertadores and the Intercontinental Cup in 1981.


The model reproduces, in traditional red and black colors, the horizontal stripes as wide as the shirt used in 1981. The red band that extends through the chest to the sleeves, in a kind of solid color limited only by the black border on the end. The neck is V-shaped in red and on the background of the template, adidas has drawn in backlight and with a particular font the date 1981, which covers in patches only the colored bands of black - the date is colored in gray, with an interesting color game. On the back of the neck, small, the phrase "Ano de Ouro" (golden year in Brazilian) with under again 1981: Brazilian fans and journalists, in reference to Mengao, call that golden year. It was in fact a special year, with a very rare international pairing for a South American club. 

The shooting also featured some players who were on the team that season. In recent days there have been several publications of jerseys of the Brazilian championship, such as that of Palmeiras, both in the  Home and Away versions.