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How much does a club earn from an Instagram post?

Juventus is the football company with the highest figures

How much does a club earn from an Instagram post? Juventus is the football company with the highest figures

In 2020, Instagram has been the sixth most used social media in the world, and thus achieved popularity and an offer that is practically impossible, for any large company, not to have an open profile on the platform. For this reason, football clubs are also among the most operational companies on Instagram, and Juventus, among all the teams in the world, is the one that manages to earn the most from its activity on this social media. As Calcio e Finanza explained, the Bianconeri receive 1,168,615 pounds, and are followed by Barcelona F.C. (1,061,414), Real Madrid (942,494), Paris Saint-German (800,828) and Liverpool (399,093) to complete the top five. 

The revenue of a club from social media is mainly due to the presence of great players in the squad, and this, is one of the reasons that motivates the primacy of the Agnelli family club. Cristiano Ronaldo in the first place, but also Paulo Dybala and Mathijs de Ligt are magnets for followers and advertisements, so that the Bianconeri marketing machine also grows through photos on the internet, and on Instagram more than anyone. "Social media has become the first, fundamental point of contact between clubs, players and followers. This is now the most important tool for the involvement and entertainment of fans", explained Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII, in an article of Sole 24 Ore. Instagram is increasingly central to the interaction between fans and the team: in the posts, the clubs insert their products, (they sold tickets), publish press releases, and, above all, display brands. Advertising is very strong on Instagram and this is another source of visibility offered by the sports company to the brand to complete new and fruitful marketing operations. In fact, sponsored content is the main method for a club to make money through social media. 

Among the athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the first human being with more than 250 million followers, and very often, he appears in photos with the Juventus shirt, which from this exhibition gains. Cristiano Ronaldo is estimated to earn $75.8 million through the publication of 43 sponsored posts in the past year. Next, in the ranking of the players who earn the most through social media, there are Lionel Messi (45.8 million), David Beckham (17.50 million), Neymar (12.70 million), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (6.73 million), Ronaldinho (4.78 million) and finally Robert Lewandowski (3.83 million).