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Did you know that Hector Bellerin had a LinkedIn account?

"Football Player at Arsenal F.C."

Did you know that Hector Bellerin had a LinkedIn account? Football Player at Arsenal F.C.

Hector Bellerin, in addition to being a footballer, is known to everyone for his multiple interests off the pitch, from fashion to sustainability. Given his investments in companies such as Forrest Green Rovers and 4-2-4, as a good entrepreneur, to promote his interests he opened a profile on LinkedIn, complete with descriptions and updated with all the latest activities carried out.  In his bio he has described himself as 'professional footballer at Arsenal FC' and 'Investor', and as bizarre as it may seem that a player of an international dimension - and with a salary of more than £5 million a year (these are the figures of the contract only with Arsenal) - joins a social media business, it means that in reality you have not yet understood Bellerin's football philosophy well. Football is the first passion, but there is also something else in life. 

Bellerin regularly updates his profile and the latest posts are dated to two weeks ago (with the video of his work for FIFA 21 and the presentation of her documentary that we talked about with the director here). In addition, his recommendations (so they are called the Likes on LinkedIn) often appear to articles or posts of various kinds, but all that generally concern his activities: from reviews of the Guardian to posts explaining the work of his companies, or the contents of themselves. In short, he is active, he is interested, and he also follows his activities on social media. His interests mostly concern the activities he follows or the companies he works for, then Arsenal, HEIFEN Studios, B-Engaged, Electronic Arts, 4-2-4, Flow Alkaline and Forrest Green Rovers. Among other things, to give a more complete view of himself, he also included his volunteer activities. 

Bellerin is also not the only player to have opened an open profile on LinkedIn. For example, there are also Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois (who has not updated his profile since Chelsea), Manchester United defender Phil Jones (who is not active), Marcus Rashford (who occasionally shows up with advice); there are also many other profiles of coaches who, however, are old or very little active, such as Unai Emery (who calls himself a former Sevilla coach) or Mikel Arteta (who is very productive on the platform and also posts announcements and asks for advice).