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There will have an own documentary on Prime Video

A new chapter of the 'All Or Nothing' series

There will have an own documentary on Prime Video  A new chapter of the 'All Or Nothing' series

***UPDATE 23/02/2021***
A week after the news of the release of the All Or Nothing format dedicated to Juventus, here comes the first trailer of the documentary useful to dispel a first doubt: the focus will be on the 2020-21 season, the one in progress. Pirlo's narrative voice makes it clear that there will be no past but only the present of the Bianconeri. No news, however, regarding the release date. The press release from the Turin-based company also reads "Amazon Original All or Nothing: Juventus will launch exclusively on Prime Video in 2021" but without any specifications.


Juventus will have their own documentary on Amazon Prime Video as part of the All Or Nothing series, a new chapter after football productions on Manchester City and Tottenham. As Calcio e Finanza reports, it is precisely a docuseries, so, as already seen in the other sports works produced by Jeff Bezos' company, they will be in episodes and it will not be a single film. However, neither the release date nor the period to which the documentary will refer are known by now. Moreover, Amazon Prime Video is working on a documentary about Paris Saint Germain and one about Bayern Munich

With All Or Nothing Juventus would become the first football team to have two documentaries on the main streaming platforms: one on Amazon Prime Video and one on Netflix. The Bianconeri had had a series of dedicated episodes on the Californian platform with a documentary presented in 2018, 'First Team Juventus', and already in that case, Juve had set a record. It was in fact the first TV series dedicated entirely to a football club, inaugurating a sequence of football productions such as All or Nothing. What characterizes this type of show is the chance for fans to watch what happens in the dressing room or during the training, to observe moments of life of players off the field and understand certain mechanism of the management of a European top club.

With the acquisition of tv rights for some Champions League matches, Amazon's presence in the world of football expands, and for the second time (after a documentary about Bari Calcio) the American platform will be interested in a top Italian club.