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The best football jerseys of New Balance

The brand will start its first Italian partnership, but what has been in the world of football so far?

The best football jerseys of New Balance The brand will start its first Italian partnership, but what has been in the world of football so far?

From the 2021-22 season AS Roma will be sponsored by New Balance, which after many hypotheses, has been announced as Nike's replacement brand for the Giallorossi. After losing Liverpool (but also Celtic) the Boston brand inaugurated its first Italian contract, which will probably make the giallorossi the leading club of the New Balance football project in Europe.

Among the teams currently in agreement with the Boston brand are Porto F.C., Lille, Athletic Club, Standard Liège, Dynamo Kiev, plus two English second division clubs, Leyton Orient F.C. and Harrogate Town F.C. - joined by the Polish first division club Lechia Gdansk. In the rest of the world, the contracts with the Panama and Costa Rica national teams, Tokyo F.C. and Al Wasl are emphasized, agreements that underline the brand's strategy of investing in niche clubs with no geographical limits, from the Basque Country to South Korea. New Balance's sponsorships in football began in 2015 (with the purchase of the sportswear company Warrior, from which he inherited sponsorship contracts), and over the years they have created an aesthetic not yet defined. In fact, on one hand, they express the history of the club through traditional templates, on the other hand, they propose alternative and ambitious designs.

On nss sports we have chosen the best New Balance jerseys seen from his debut in football to date, in preparation for the Italian debut of the Boston brand.

Celtic F.C. - Third kit - 2015-16

We have explained several times how the Celtic shirt never changes: always stripes, always green and white, always horizontal. New Balance has therefore not achieved anything exciting in the three years at Celtic Park - in which, however, thanks to an exhilarating period on the pitch with Brendan Rodgers and Dembèle, the team has given a lot of European visibility to the brand -, but has proposed models with alternative templates and colors in the second and third uniforms. For example, the third jersey of the first debut season is not bad. It is a very elegant model with the black color that characterizes the entire model of the shirt, which is joined by gold stripes and details that make the shirt precious. 

Porto - Home - 2015-16

Porto also have a solid relationship with New Balance, and the production of jerseys for the Portuguese club has always been sufficient, even if, this year, the American brand has not really met expectations. Yet, on debut in 2015, New Balance started strong at Do Dragao, with a full-back of ambitious kits (not all appreciated put) among which the first, the 'Home' model, received a lot of appreciation. Wide vertical stripes (so as to enhance the colors of the club), detail of the narrow horizontal lines at the bottom on the sides. As often seen in the work of New Balance, a simple shirt, but with the right geometric proportions of the strokes and halfway between the aesthetic tradition of the company and the sporty style of the brand - in this case, the white and blue of the lines with the stretch cut and the crew neck of New Balance.

 Athletic Bilbao - Home - 2017-18

Of the 13 clubs that have played New Balance since his arrival in football in 2015, Atheltic Bilbao is one of the teams the club has worked with best in recent years. Again, the brand had to work with an important historical reality, whose design of the white and red stripes is not easy to make original every year. In 2017, New Balance succeeded in this regard. He remodeled the uniform on the wave of the club's old uniforms, on the Nineties models made by Kappa and adidas, with small and thin stripes and an elegant V-neck. The shirt is actually very simple in the pattern, but precisely, it gave an elegant style to the players, who in that year were protagonists of one of the ugliest seasons ever of the last decade of Athletic Bilbao.

Liverpool F.C. - Home - 2018-19

The highest moment for New Balance in football was also the one that preceded the interruption with his most important club. In fact, a year before stopping his liverpool contract early, New Balance enjoyed a prominent position thanks to the Reds' Champions League win, who won the final against Tottenham wearing the first shirt, the 'Home' model. While New Balance's production of Liverpool outfits has aroused mixed opinions over the five years of his contract, the first shirt of the 2018-19 season was a great job, able to play on the shade of pure red of the shirt enhancing its dense stretch, with the collar (an element often proposed by the American brand) and with thin vertical bands almost hidden. The simplicity of the white strokes (colors also used for sponsors and the logo) also fit well on the total red surface.   

Lille - Away - 2020-21

For icons, the Lille seems to be the standard team of New Balance. It has a historical dimension not very deep in the hierarchies of French football, but that in the last decade has begun to be noticed both in Europe and in Ligue 1 (now it is first in the standings); has interesting players, talents sold every summer at important figures. Well, the aesthetics of this young but intelligent club, growing but brilliant, is in line with what New Balance has seen in football. An example of this is this season's Away shirt, a total black jersey, in which, in addition to the dark background, a cascade of white, red and blue dots stands out that create an elegant, yet, alternative, youthful effect. A template that looks elegant and also a little ambitious, but that best represents the aesthetic idea of New Balance, which then, is also that of its motto: You might not be as big as your competition, but you can be smarter