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Maradona's Porsche 911 will go up for auction

Will be sold in March in Paris

Maradona's Porsche 911 will go up for auction Will be sold in March in Paris

According to Hypebeast, Diego Amrando Maradona's Porsche Carrera 911 will be auctioned off. The car is one of the very rare models of Prosche Carrera of this type - there are only 1200 examples worldwide and it has only been manufactured for two years - and will be sold at the Les Grandes Marques du Monde in Paris from 3 to 10 March. 

Maradona had bought the Porsche during his only season at Seville F.C. (1992-1993), Diego's last season in Europe, and with it, he was stopped by andalusian police for reaching 180 kilometers per hour in the city center - where he was considered a myth, and where the former Napoli himself lived in total luxury in the villa of former bulldoze Juan Antonio Ruiz Roman. The passion for cars led El Peluda to buy many, but he got to drive a lot this 911 too. In fact, the car marks on the speedometer 120,000 kilometers traveled, but remains in excellent condition: the engine is a 3.6 liter 250 hp Carrera 2, and reaches a maximum speed of 260 km/h. The car is 130kg lighter than the standard Carrera 2 thanks to modifications made over the years, such as the addition of a joint welded frame, an aluminum bonnet, thinner glass for side and rear windows and a magnesium Cup wheel set. The final weight of the machine is 1,227 kg. 

The value is estimated at between 150 and 200 thousand dollars. After Maradona's departure from Seville, the car changed hands among several collectors and the current seller has owned it since 2016. "We are pleased to present this Porsche par excellence of the 90s with its unique and colorful provenance, which will appeal to many passionate football collectors all over the world", said Paul Darvill, head of European auctions at Bonhams, the auction house that manages the sale of the Maradona's Porsche, accompanied by the sellling of other luxury car.