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The 'Herald Football Jersey' by Alma de Ace

Inspired by the aesthetics of 80s and 90s

The 'Herald Football Jersey' by Alma de Ace Inspired by the aesthetics of 80s and 90s

Alma de Ace is a London brand that produces garments inspired by the Nineties and, above all, in limited edition - to avoid, read on its website, waste and consequent pollution. They also presented two jerseys dedicated to their hypothetical football team, Alma de Ace Football Club: it's called Herald Football Jersey, and it was presented with a video and a shooting taken at Charlton's stadium, The Valley. The jersey is part of the 100 Programme, a project for which only 100 versions of a product are made, with a view to saving materials and avoiding waste. 


These are two models of uniform, one blue and one gray, and are inspired by the historical jerseys of the Eighties and Nineties but revisited in a new, more contemporary style. The style, in line with the philosophy of the London brand, is produced following the canon of retro futuribility, while the pattern was designed following the principle of aesthetics of the 90ies - with large fit and rigid collar (black). The template, on the other hand, has in the base of the squatter fantasies, divided - according to the model - in gray or blue and with in the center the inscription (of the 'sponsor') Alma. The badges are the logos of the brand, but they change according to the template: on the blue model it is more in banner style, in the gray version it is circular instead. 

With the Herald Football Jersey Alma de Ace wants not only to bring its fashion idea into the sporting context, but also, always following this principle, to create a system that knows how to develop a community that shares the ideas of the English brand. 


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