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New York Red Bulls unveils the new kit

Designed to be worn off the pitch

New York Red Bulls unveils the new kit Designed to be worn off the pitch

The New York Red Bulls presented the new Home uniform for the 2021 season, 1Beat, designed by adidas and presented with a video in which the club presents the reality connected with its fans. At the moment, only the first uniform (the 'Home' model) has been presented, while the Away model - specifies the Footy Headlines site - will be presented in the coming weeks. 

The shirt has a traditional template for what is the New York Red Bull model, with adidas stripes on the sleeves and the logo of the German brand imprinted in red and with the club logo on the right. In the center, the Red Bull logo dominates. What makes this year's Red Bull jersey more peculiar (and, in some ways, different from the others) is the presence of a checkerboard grid on the white background, with some slightly darker squares. Another key element is the monogram with the initials of the club and with the Red Bull logo under the collar, on the back of the shirt. In general, the shirt is a symbol of the club's fans, and the monogram at the back of the collar is a reference to the New York club's fan community.

As the club specifies on his site, the jersey was voluntarily designed not only to be worn during competitions at new Jersey's Red Bull Arena, but also for fans who want to wear it out of the football context. In fact, we talk about the lifestyle dimension of the uniform, to represent everywhere the energy and dynamism of the New York club. 

The New York Red Bull adidas jersey is available on