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The new Nike ball for the Premier League

Another version of the Night Flight

The new Nike ball for the Premier League  Another version of the Night Flight

Nike presented the second Night Flight of the Premier League 2020-21, which will be used from 19 February - we will see for the first time in Wolverhampton-Leeds - and will be used until the rest of the English championship sports season. Until now, Premier's teams had played with the other two Night Flight models, one white and one yellow. In addition to the new design, a characteristic feature of the new sphere is Aerowsculpt technology, which for the first time will be used by Nike in the English championship. 

Compared to the 'Hi-Vis' model, the new Night Flight has a white base and circular navy blue lines on the model of the old - and historic - Nike 'Total 90' ball. The Swoosh is black and overhangs the colored line, while - and this is the most elegant part - as in last year's model, in the center of the circle is the design of the Premier League trophy in gold, with red writing (Enginered for precision flight); above, within the lines, there is also the logo of the English championship. Always inside the colored spaces there is a particular template, while from a technical point of view, the ball is the same as the other models seen both this year and in previous years. 

As the Footy Headlines website reveals, the model is very similar in last year's balloon template and it is possible that Nike will use the same design for these balloon models in these cases. Nike's relationship with the Premier League has been a partnership that has been going on since 2000 and, in 2018, the agreement was renewed until 2025.