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The new Prince made by Pinarello

A new edition after the 2018 model

The new Prince made by Pinarello  A new edition after the 2018 model

The Treviso bicycle company Pinarello, a historic brand with several productions also for cycling teams, presented a new version of the Prince, one of the historical models of the Italian laboratory. The production company had re-proposed the Prince in 2018 with a renewed model, but now, it has undergone new technical processing that allows it better agility on the track. A brand of Italian cycling, Pinarello has always been able to combine agility and elegance. 

The Prince uses T700 and T900 carbon which is slightly heavier than usual, but also remains more durable over time and with better weather resilience. Inside, the bike has a particular shape, with the use of the concave tube that, applied to the processing of materials in the central structure of the bike, guarantees better aerodynamics, also favored by the thickness of the tires, 28 mm wide; by the way, as usual in the models produced by Pinarello, the frame is slightly shifted to the right. The style is a constant attention in the models of the Treviso house, and even this model, although it has been produced for road racing, has an elegant, relaxed design, capable of combining the feeling of speed and agility with the control of road racing. 

Pinarello is a brand founded in 1952 in Villorba, a municipality near Treviso, and in almost 70 history has designed and produced bikes for some of the best cycling champions, such as Mario Cipollini or Jan Ullrich. In 2020, Pinarello was the protagonist in the Giro d'Italia for being the production company of the champion bike with the English rider Tao Geoghegan Hart of Team Ineos UK, champion of the general classification of the Italian cycling competition.

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