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The adidas Predator Freak Supersthealt

Featuring Demonskin technology

The adidas Predator Freak Supersthealt   Featuring Demonskin technology

In the 'Superstealth Pack' presented in 2021, adidas has also included a new pair of boots, the Predator Freak, a total black model with no laces. This new Predator model is the first released pair of boots in the collection, and other more models - according to the original plan - will be released in the coming months; this new pair of Predators follows the recent releases of X Ghosted and Nemeziz. This model follows the other version of Predator Freak released on January 19, but what makes the difference from the previous pair is the color of the upper.

As also seen in the other Predator model presented, Demonskin technology is the defining element of the entire upper. It is, in fact, the surface of rubber teeth - positioned according to a calculation of a computer that regulates their presence according to the most sensitive areas of the foot - which allows better control of the ball, when it comes into contact with the foot. The application of these micro claws allows greater adherence with the ball especially in rapid movements and changes of direction.  Another characteristic feature is the PRIMEKNIT anklet, precisely without laces, which allows not only a better fit of the shoe, but also an easy entry when wearing it. Above the elastic collar stands the rubber inscription 'Predator' with the original font of the adidas section.

Together with this model, adidas also presented the Predator Freak.1 version, practically identical but with the presence of a lower collar, and moreover, with laces.


The new adidas Predator Freak are available on