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Lewandowski announces new deal with 4F, a sportswear polish brand

It will be a testimonial with the wife Anna Lewandowska

Lewandowski announces new deal with 4F, a sportswear polish brand It will be a testimonial with the wife Anna Lewandowska

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski has signed a contract with Polish sports supply company 4F to be his testimonial. The Polish player - who scored a brace last night in the Club World Cup win over Al Ahly - announced the partnership with the new brand a video on Instagram, and among other things, as the FootyHeadlines website explains, the striker's wife, Anna Lewandowski, polish karate pro, is also brand ambassador of the sportswear company. Despite the new deal, Lewandowski played the semi-final last night with a pair of Nike Phantom Venoms.  

The relationship between Lewandowski and Nike had officially been over for some time, with the confirmation of Swoosh arrived a short time ago, and among the hypotheses, there was that the former Borussia Dortmund could become a new man of PUMA. In fact, given 4F's brand reputation and brand image internationally - and, in general, even seeing the market prices of its products - it is possible to think that Lewandowski is a man image of 4F, but that he will then choose a technical partner of other thickness. In fact, it is difficult for a striker who has won a Champions League and 20 national trophies (between Poland and Germany) as well as the last FIFA Best Men Player, to sign an exclusive relationship with such a small and much less well-known brand than the brand that previously wore the Bayern striker. In fact, it is possible that an agreement with PUMA may also arrive in the coming months and that, then, on the pitch, Lewandowski dresses puma boots and that the German brand - given the caliber of the player - works on customized collections; but at the same time, Lewandowski would remain among the men image of 4F as testimonial, with the use of technical material according to the contract with the Polish brand. 

4F is a brand born in 2007 and is based in Augustow, a small town in Poland, and is very popular - and with many stores - in eastern European countries, such as Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. It produces technical material for every sport, even with lifestyle products and accessories, but it is very active, above all, in winter sports collections. 4F supplies technical equipment to individual Polish athletes such as volleyball player Wilfred Lèon, and has had contracts for the supply of clothing and equipment with sports federations such as Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Lithuania.