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Inter Milan will dress a new jersey to celebrate te CNY

In the Serie A big match against Lazio

Inter Milan will dress a new jersey to celebrate te CNY In the Serie A big match against Lazio

***UPDATE February 3, 2021***

The new capsule created by Inter in collaboration with Nike to celebrate the Chinese New Year is now available. The debut date of the special kit was also made official: 14 February, on the occasion of the home match against Lazio. The first shirt can be purchased on the online store of the Nerazzurri club, characterized by three details that make it special: names of the players written in Chinese (Lukaku will be 卢卡 库 and Lautaro 劳 太郎), numbers with the unique Serie A font but with a stylized Ox as a background and a red CNY emblem with the CNY Inter logo on the left sleeve.

***February 2, 2021***

In the run-up to the Chinese New Year, Inter Milan have announced a series of initiatives involving both the team and the merchandising of the Nerazzurri club. In fact, for the event, there is CYN logo, presented on the official website of the company; then, a collection of sportswear garments and a special jersey for the Serie A match against Lazio. To present the initiatives for the Chinese New Year, Inter also made a video with Lautaro Martinez. 

In recent weeks Inter Milan had drawn attention to its new graphics given the news of a new logo, which the company has confirmed will be presented in March. This just released, however, will not be the new official logo of Inter Milan, but the one exclusively referring to the Chinese New Year, which the Nerazzurri club celebrates like so many other brands and football clubs. 2021 for China will be the year of the Ox, so the logo presented by Inter will see the classic logo of the Nerazzurri (in gold), with the addition of two horns at the top. But in addition to the logo, the club presented a line of garments with this new graphic imprinted: it is a sweatshirt, a T-shirt and a smartphone cover. In addition, against Lazio the Nerazzurri will play with a special shirt. Pattern and design will be the same as the Nike uniform we've always seen in action this year, but there will be the logo dedicated to CNY and a patch dedicated to the Chinese event on the left sleeve. The names of the players will all be written with Chinese idioms, and for the number, there will be a special detail with a bull-shaped plot. Also on the occasion of the match against Lazio, along the screens that replace the fans in the first rows of the San Siro, will flow the wishes of the children of the Nerazzurri Academy.

Even for digital, Inter thought big. In fact, a FIFA Online match between the Nerazzurri and Wolverhampton was organized for the Chinese public, and the match will also be commented on by a Chinese columnist. 

For the CNY celebration video, Lautaro Martinez could only be chosen as the testimonial. In fact, the Argentine player is not only nicknamed the 'Bull' - an animal that, like the ox and bison, corresponds to the Italian translation of the corresponding Chinese idiom, 牛 (niú) - but was also born in 1997, another year of The Bull. In the footage, Lautaro Martinez is experiencing a nightmare: a referee is intent on giving him a red card. The Argentine player is upset, but when he wakes up, the card is not the symbol of the player's expulsion, but the one for 2020, and also, the invitation to enter 2021. In fact, in Chinese culture the red card is a message of good wishes, and therefore, in the video it has a dual function: on the one hand it is a red card for the old year (2020), on the other it is a symbol of good luck.