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NBA x Casetify iPhone covers

There is one gold, but they are only 100 pieces all around the world

NBA x Casetify iPhone covers There is one gold, but they are only 100 pieces all around the world

For the first time ever, Casetify and NBA worked together to create a collection for versions 11 and 12 of the iPhone dedicated to the American basketball championship. Among all the items, there is a gold-plated cover, of which there are only 100 pieces. In the collection, in addition to the covers, there are also different types of pads to charge the iphone and a support for the handle. The collaboration, which will be made available from February 18th, is made to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Casetify, which in the gold model has also impressed its celebratory symbol. 

But of all the covers, that of the gold iPhone can only be the most prestigious accessory in the collection. Produced in eighteen-carat gold and weighing 114 grams, each cover has a specific identification number, which makes every single of the hundred pieces of this type original. The back of the cover has in relief the nba vertical inscription crossed by a basket, while in the upper right, on the side of the space for the camera, there is the Casetify logo with the 10. The rest of the collection divides items by fantasy, from the mix of NBA franchise logos to the nba's many gray-based logos. Very interesting also the pad and the pabble cover with the total black design of the basketball. In addition, being all products certified by the American basketball league, each item in the collection has the NBA logo.  

In addition to celebrating the 10th anniversary of Casetify's birth, the collection also has a humanitarian intent. 5% of the proceeds from sales of this collection will be donated to Kaboom, a non-profit U.S. organization that works in the social field. It won't be a very high figure, but the prices of the products of this collaboration are not really low: for covers and pads, prices range from 25 to 100 dollars. It won't be a financial problem for NBA players, and someone, looking for a style that's also perfect for their smartphone, has already exhibited it in public.

The NBA x Casetify will be available from 18 february on