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Even Schumacher will have his personal documentary

With testimonies of his family, including his son Mick

Even Schumacher will have his personal documentary  With testimonies of his family, including his son Mick

After the announcement of the new documentary about Adriano, for those who want another type of documentary in addition to the football-related ones, there is a novelty coming. In recent days it has been announced the release of a docu-film about Michael Schumacher, the most successful driver in Formula 1 together with Lewis Hamilton. This was announced by the film's producer Vanessa Nocker, who, although giving a certain date, indicated the last quarter of 2021 as the release period. 

As reported, the film was due to be released in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic forced production - the German B14 - to postpone the launch to a later date. The filming involved several protagonists of the life of the Austrian pilot, in particular the family: in fact, there are his wife Corinna, daughter Gina-Marie and father Rolf. Schumacher's son Mick, who will race his first Grand Prix with German team Haas in 2021, also participated in the docu-film, which will focus on the former Ferrari driver's career and his many victories. But also with references to his inner life. As Nocker's statement states, it will be "a look at the life of a complex and ambitious man." 

Michael Schumacher went into a coma after a ski incident in 2013, and since 2014, the family has decided to not give any more news about the former rider's condition. During his career - spent between Jordan, Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes - he won 7 Championships between 1994 and 2012, the year of his retirement from racing, and until a few months ago he was the driver with the highest number of Formula 1 races won, reached by the English rider Lewis Hamilton. Among the many and winning Formula 1 drivers, Schumacher made history together with the team with which he raced most of all, Ferrari, creating a combination famous all over the world of sport. The one about Schumacher will be another chapter in the relationship between sport and cinema, a bond that over the years is intertwining more and more thanks to docu-films and series, such as those released in 2020 on Michael Jordan or, for football, the very lucky documentary about Diego Maradona shot by Asif Kapadia.