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The most sustainable Premier League clubs

Who would have thought Brighton F.C. was so environmentally conscious?

The most sustainable Premier League clubs Who would have thought Brighton F.C. was so environmentally conscious?

During the Sport Positive Summit, Premier League clubs with the highest sustainability rate in 2020 were named, voted according to the score obtained and divided into eco-sustainable categories. As a result, the most sustainable English club is Tottenham, followed (in the top 5) by Brighton, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City. The 21 points available are divided into 8 categories (all from two points, plus two from three, including one that allows you to add two bonus points); the categories are divided into Clean Energy Energy Efficiency Sustainable Transport Single Use Plastic Reduction or Removal Waste Management Water Efficiency Plant-based/Low-carbon Food Commitment, Comms and Engagement. Many points depend mainly on company policies on plastic use and energy saving, but also on reduced carbon emissions. These are actions necessarily connect to a sustainable stadium efficiency – as mentioned at several points in the report. 

As the Summit report explains, the ranking is immodant every week, and this must be interpreted positively. In fact, it means that clubs increase corporate policies towards greener attitudes more and more, and the fact that you cyclically rotate the first in the rankings is evidence of an ongoing change. Tottenham Hotspur, which is the primatist club - at the moment - with 21 points out of 21, has been greatly facilitated by the construction of the new stadium, which, made with the latest generation tools and modes - such as LED lighting, also present in the center from training - has favored Energy Efficiency; or, again, the club has installed around the New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium a bike path to facilitate fans to get to the stadium without taking the car (many points for Sustainability Transport); or, for Clean Energy, the club has achieved 100% certified renewable energy and zero carbon emissions (goals achieved also thanks to the partnership with other companies). 

Sustainability in the Premier League is a very sensitive issue and managed very carefully not only by top clubs. In fact, in the top positions of the summit ranking, at the moment - in addition to Brighton second and Southampton sixth, equal points with City fifth - there are also West Bromwich and Everton, respectively with a score of 14 and 13.5 out of 21. Last place is Aston Villa with 7 points out of 21 available, and the data are from 2019 (the club did not communicate the information requested in 2020). In addition to the Premier League, clubs in the rest of Europe are also taking an interest in environmental issues. In Italy, for example, Udinese is one of the most active clubs in this respect, and we had talked directly about it with Magda Pozzo here on nss sports.