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Club Tijuana players wear only red boots

For a company policy, and they are doing it again this year

Club Tijuana players wear only red boots For a company policy, and they are doing it again this year

A few days ago the Clausura tournament of The Liga MX, the Mexican football league, started again, with Monterrey already starting in fifth with six points in two games. At the bottom of the table, after two draws, there is Club Tijuana, which, as every year, has forced its players to wear only red shoes. This is the historical will of the founder of the Tijuana club, Jorge Hank Rhon, who since the beginning of his presidency, which began with the founding of the club in 2007, has forced players to this aesthetic practice for image reasons. Also this year, in which the owner is Alberto Hank's son, Jorge Hank Inzunsa, he perpetuated the tradition.

There is no particular form of scaramancy or some attached historical fact. The reason is, much more prosaicly, marketing. In fact, the Home uniform of Tijuana has always been red - the social colors are, precisely, red and black - and to improve the chromatic effect of the players on the pitch, the management has decided to veto the presence of boots of other colors. They may also have gradients with other colors or be, for example, half red and half yellow, but the base must be strictly red. The goalkeeper also responds to this policy, which also comes when the team wears the second or third jersey - which are of another color - but not during training. Of course, players can choose the brand they prefer, and in fact, both on the road and in the home games of the Caliente stadium, you can see PUMA, adidas, Nike, Umbro etc. But not all players choose to buy the default red shoes and, indeed, opt for a customized modification of the shoe. As FootyHeadlines reports, in fact, several players from Club Tijuana have customized their boots with 'Nike by You', the swoosh's online service for changes at will of Nike products. More simply, however, other players buy shoes and color them themselves. This company policy also applies to the women's section of the club.

Club Tijuana is one of the youngest companies in the top Mexican tournament and is owned by the Caliente Group, a Mexican company that works in the entertainment sector, with casinos, arcades, investments in sports and, above all, in the gaming sector. The same group also owns the stadium - which in fact is called Caliente - and they won the Apertura tournament in 2012.