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The Paris Tennis Club hosted the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall Winter 2021

Surrounded by marble

The Paris Tennis Club hosted the Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall Winter 2021 Surrounded by marble

As a set for Louis Vuitton's Men Fall Winter 2021 collection, Virgil Abloh chose the Paris Tennis Club. A refined and elegant place, chosen for its modern and minimalist features, in which marble dominates, which has been the setting for the fashion shows of the French. 

Since the event closed to the public and held virtually - like almost everyone for a year now, with the sole exception of Milan - the scenography was deeply linked to the marble of the tennis club, with the models that created a link with the shapes of the structure. Virgil Abloh brought a number of artists, such as Kandis Williams, Tosh Basco, Saul Williams, Yasiin Bey to Black Cracker and Steven Sowah, in a very theatrical setting, with an alternative performance to the canonical parade.

Characteristic for its blue and green courts, the Tennis Club de Paris had already hosted an event in Hermes and is one of the oldest in the world. Founded in 1895, it is located along the Seine in the Porte de Saint-Cloud district (16° arrondissment), and consists of 38 fields both outdoor fields and closed structures. In its long history it has had as members some of the best French tennis players and tennis players, but also from other countries. The names of Jean Borotra, Thierry Champion, Bernard Desmetrau but also Tsonga and Wawrinka, and then Sandrine Testoud, Amélie Mauresmo, Anne Gaelle Sidot stand out. Of course, tennis in Paris bears the name of Roland Garros, the second most important Masters 1000 in the world, but in the capital French, the Paris Tennis Club is a point of reference and, in the past, during national tournaments, its teams have represented it well with several victories - including, famously, that of the 1950 Men's Champion de France title. 

The event at the Paris Tennis Club inaugurated a cycle of events that will last in the capital French throughout January 2021, the 'Walk in the park', a series of virtual and physical mixed events organized for the Maison French by Virgil Abloh.