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2 (not requested) advices for an aesthetic improvement of Serie A

Since there are image issues everywhere, from social media to the website

2 (not requested) advices for an aesthetic improvement of Serie A Since there are image issues everywhere, from social media to the website

Looking at Serie A from the outside, it seems obvious that the championship has two rhythms. One is the strong, international one of the top clubs, with Inter Milan and Juventus in the lead, where brand and image have evolved in the same way as the big clubs of other leagues. Then there's the most distressed, backward of other clubs. That of the famous littles - but also of more important companies that, however, are not investing in the right way for the improvement of their brand - in which the pitch is the only thought, the only objective of investments. The gap has become important and the entire aesthetic quality of the championship is also affected. 

Serie A in fact has a fairly obvious image problem, the result of a series of unethical and poor media attitudes. In practice, without the necessary care that in recent years have made the use of social media fundamental. We are talking about the low quality of the main communication channels of the Serie A, in which the strategies are always those, and above all - and this is the most difficult thing to accept - far from the progressive and advanced projects of the other major European leagues. Thinking that someone, near Via Rossellini in Milan, asks for our opinion, we wanted to illustrate the main problems around the low quality of the Italian championship. 

The Logo

To improve, Serie A should start from the first identifying trait, the logo. Its evolution is in question every year, because in recent reworkings (3 from 2016 to today) no one seemed satisfied with the final proposal. In fact, something more minimal and at the same time elegant would be needed, given that the current one, in form, looks like a mixture of fascist handwriting and a blue monolith - and the championship has a unique sporting heritage, full of class, which this logo does not convey. For example, the Bundesliga logo, however historic, in its 2018 reworking is very communicative and impacting, as well as modern. Speaking of innovation, Ligue 1 French has included the new title sponsor in its logo, and from Ligue 1 Conforama has switched to Ligue 1 Uber Eats. And the new brand is very interesting. 

The social media accounts

In addition to the logo, even in digital the aesthetic trait is just what our championship lacks. Serie A's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accountsare not interesting. In particular, Instagram (which is the densest platform of aesthetic traits) is very weak compared to the profiles of the other best European championships - highly recommended to follow that of La Liga, always full of  fabulous graphics and funny contests. The profile publishes only field content and above all without particular aesthetic touches, as if it were a normal football page. On the contrary, on the profiles of other leagues, the interaction with the fans is much more curated thanks to less filtered, more direct communication. 

The website

In Serie A, everywhere, the colors and crests are unattractive, from Instagram stories to the website, yet another aesthetic flaw of the tournament. The site is confusing (as is the app), too skeletal and, therefore, with all those alternate shades of blue and white, very disturbing. These settings then affect the entire digital image of the tournament, which also exposes itself on the highlights of the YouTube channel, on the banner ads on the sidelines and on the patches in the jerseys. A very good benchmark is the Bundesliga website. On the German championship website - which is curated by Sky Sport -, in addition to creating insights and specials on individual players, there are sections in which teams are analyzed, as if it were a football magazine, with a more fascinating storytelling thanks to content (even videos) made for fans. In that of Serie A, on the other hand, it seems more like a collection of press releases, there is not the fluency of, precisely, the German one.

The solution to these aesthetic problems would be to improve the Serie A image management workflow. At the moment, what emerges from the points above, is that things are poorly thought out, late, and above all, with an approach that, compared to the contents of the other championships, seems dated. Now that the tournament is at the highest football levels and marketability is in the world's top ten, it's even more important that serie A has more fascinating colors, with a cleaner design logo and communication with a softer and less rigid cut. In short, the entire aesthetic structure of serie A should become more youthful, in the sense both of finding a form of communication that brings young people closer to the Serie A brand, and a graphic design in general more attractive. 

To do this, however - and this is demonstrated, among other things, by the very low quality of the various promo of the championship - investments are needed. We need to understand the importance of spending on image care, because otherwise the marketability abroad of the championship is also diminished.  

The offices of Lega Calcio are very close to the Porta Nuova district, where some of the most important companies in the world (such as Amazon, Samsung, Google) have an Italian headquarters. It would be nice to go out and take a tour of their parts. It would be useful to understand how much design and aesthetics of a brand are important for its commercialization. And most importantly, how to communicate in 2020.