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The FW21 Rhude collection together with McLaren

Where there is the debut of the new womenswear lineup

The FW21 Rhude collection together with McLaren  Where there is the debut of the new womenswear lineup

The American brand Rhude presented the new Fall/Winter 2021 collection, produced together with the British car manufacturer McLaren. In this new collection, Rhuigi Villaseñor's brand has also presented for the first time a women's line, with a great production of garments that balances the already full-bodied presence of the men's line. The collection, Rhude recalls the aesthetic culture of car race pits, of which Bruce McLaren was one of the protagonists. 

In the collection, which expresses a much more mixed and innovative selection of garments than the usual ready to wear of the Los Angeles brand, the touch of McLaren stands out both in the cut of the garments and in the set of the shooting. In fact, behind the models, along with flamboyant blue and red shades, you can see the Formula 1 car of the British company, to which is linked the concept of the new exuberance of Rhude's costumes. The result is a mixture of collegiate aesthetics (knitted invited rugby shirts) with somewhat street elements (overalls and running jacket), guiding the next generation of sportswear of the drivers towards a different style. There are many pieces, with different expressions and tones: from curved outerwear to bermuda shorts, joined by raincoats, tight jeans, blazers, but also bags, baggy shirts and stretch pants. You will find some cotton-mixed leather, long blazers paired with leather cardigans; also in the women's collection, where the elegance of certain clothes parades alongside ambitious scarves or bibs. In general, this sartorial line of Villaseñor, also binds very much to a more grunge cut, sometimes almost punk. 

McLaren's automotive culture and sporty touch intersect with Rhude's more street style, which with this collaboration bears its name in the sports world. Another step in the relationship between sport and fashion after the recent collaborations, for example, of Milan with Etro or Lardini, who became Juventus official formal suit.