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The project for the new PAOK FC stadium

But to start working on it, there are some bureaucratic steps to overcome

The project for the new PAOK FC stadium But to start working on it, there are some bureaucratic steps to overcome

It is now clear to all football clubs that the stadium is no longer just an arena of play, but also a centre of business and commercial possibilities. In fact, many companies are equipping themselves to renovate their gaming system, and in recent weeks, PAOK FC has also presented a project to modernize its home, with the reconstruction from scratch of the Toumba Stadium. The re-construction of the new stadium was commissioned by the Athenian architectural firm A&A Architects, with the inauguration date for the 2025; yet, there are several steps to have to overcome to officially start construction operations. 

As the Archistadia website explains, the Athenian study project involves the demolition of the Toumba and the construction, on the same soil, of the new gaming plant. But there are problems. The construction of the new stadium, in fact, will take place only when the vigilante commission has authorized the works according to the Special Plan for Territorial Development - which will enter into force in the summer - and then, after another six months spent for the application of the final project. As a result, construction could begin in 2022, with implementation time of two to three years: this would mean that PAOK would have to find another home game facility during this period - it is thought, sensationally, of Stádio Kaftanzóglio, the home facility of rivals Iraklis Thessaloniki. In addition, if there were to be unforeseen events such as the discovery of archaeological values, the works would stop.

The new stage of PAOK would, however, be a world-class architectural work. Increasing the capacity from the current 28,000 to 35,000 seats, it will be covered with a shell-shaped layer of white color that, composed through the overlapping of layers, will make the effect of the wing of an eagle, symbol of the club. The rest of the plant includes modern coverage of the main stand, the installation of photovoltaic systems and the construction of commercial facilities inside the stadium - including bars and restaurants - plus new spaces for the media and fans. There will also be a studied system of entrances with staircases depending on the level of the sector and the height of the staircase. The A&A studio, on its website, has specified that it wants to make the structure entirely white so that, within the city context, it can appear as a large sculpture. Exactly what you want from a stadium.