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Aztec aesthetics on Club América's third kit

A design inspired by the myth of "Caballero Águila" and dedicated to Memo Ochoa

Aztec aesthetics on Club América's third kit A design inspired by the myth of Caballero Águila and dedicated to Memo Ochoa

The shirts that adidas, Umbro and then Nike have produced over the years for Club América are masterpieces. Every year there is more and more hype to see how far the creativity of the swoosh designers and the Mexican team can go. After a long wait, the third kit of the 2020-21 season has finally been launched: a white and black jersey, with white shorts and socks. The inspiration from which a wonderful pattern comes to life goes in two directions: the first is the shirt worn by Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa, historic goalkeeper for Águilas and the Mexican national team, in 2008; the second is of a cultural nature, referring to the figures of Atlantis in Tula which for years have inspired Aztec sculptors in the depiction of warriors.

The launch of the 3rd kit is part of a larger operation such as the inauguration of the club's new e-shop: the Ameshop. It will be possible to access an exclusive presale on the new platform, securing a shirt that has already become a must. The 2008 shirt was designed by Ochoa himself. The azulcrema goalkeeper was inspired by "Caballero Águila", a mystical figure who in the Aztec imagination stands out for his charisma and leadership. A 2008 article reads: "The Eagle Knights were ancestral warriors who fought against invaders to keep protecting their home and their family's freedom from enemies."  

All the pre-Hispanic elements on the front of the shirt develop from the center, where the club logo is placed. The swoosh is immediately below the crest of the Club América, in a somewhat sui generis position.

Once again, Nike's designers amazed everyone with a one-of-a-kind design. After 12 years, the Mexican goalkeeper will be able to go back to wearing one of the shirts to which he is most romantically attached. The shirt is part of a collection that recalls this design in each of its items.