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The return of LeBron James on a Hummer truck

From the 2003 Hummer-gate to the new electric supertruck

The return of LeBron James on a Hummer truck From the 2003 Hummer-gate to the new electric supertruck

The news of the return on the automotive market of the new group of Hummer trucks is dated 20 October 2020, but only a few days ago the true "real" face of the Hummer EV Edition 1, the spearhead of the new products, was shown. However, it is not the team of engineers and testers who worked on the Detroit manufacturer's first zero-emission supertruck to show it to the world. LeBron James, Hummer GMC global ambassador and great admirer of one of the symbols of American automotive ostentation and exaggeration, took care of it.

Through his Instagram stories, the 4-time NBA champion has created a virtual tour of the new "green" jewel. "That's a bad girl right there" LeBron often repeats, underlining the aggressiveness of the design, the details and the three-engine powertrain that allows the car to unleash the 1000 HP it hides under the body. Despite the price tag ($ 112,595), the EV 1 sold out in just one night - the first models will be delivered in the fall. From 0 to 100 km / h in just over 3 seconds, Crab mode that allows diagonal driving, available with the Extreme Off-Road pack that includes the body in pearl white, black roof and bronze rims: you can ask something more flashy?

The relationship between LeBron James and Hummer began many years ago and certainly in less than positive circumstances. It's 2003 and LBJ - already labeled "The Chosen One" by Sports Illustrated - has been playing, entertaining and enchanting in the last year with Saint Vincent Saint Mary High School. He will obviously be first pick in the NBA draft that same year, but the stages that will bring Akron's son to the league he dominates today are turbulent. For the age of 18, mother Gloria decides to overdo it and gives a Hummer H2 to her son. Knowing the James family's past - with LeBron not having a permanent home for many years of his childhood, trying out several family friend's sofas - that expense seems odd. The loan Gloria James initially obtains appears to come from her son's future earnings.

The matter ends up on the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), the state body that checks that there are no irregularities among high school players. That expense, at first glance, seemed to break one of the fundamental rules: no amateur can accept gifts worth more than $ 100 as a reward for athletic performance. The fuss that caused the episode was unreal, considering that it was about a boy who had not yet played in the NBA. James, after thorough investigation, was absolved of any wrongdoing because he had accepted the gift from a family member and not from an agent or any outside source. While the investigation was underway, LeBron enjoyed teasing everyone by driving a remote-controlled model of Hummer on the playground, almost as if he wanted to create controversy about the fury against him. The whole thing will go down in history as a Hummer-gate.

From that episode on, LeBron has often been associated with the name of the Detroit-based manufacturer. There has always been a Hummer model in his very personal car collection, especially in his years in Florida. From a sports justice problem to a global ambassador, the step is really, really short.