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The music video of Capo Plaza filmed inside San Siro

Are stadiums a new step in the relationship between football and rap music?

The music video of Capo Plaza filmed inside San Siro  Are stadiums a new step in the relationship between football and rap music?

On Friday night, on the YouTube channel of Capo Plaza, the video of the new single by the Salento rapper, Allenamento #4, was released, the new stage of the project linked to the series "Allenamenti" - started with "Allenamento #1" in 2017. The video of the track, that precedes the release of the album scheduled for January 22, was filmed inside the San Siro stadium: Capo Plaza is seen entering the parking by car and then, after showing the credits of the track, the rapper begins to sing turning between the lawn and the stands. The footage takes place inside San Siro, but also in the surrounding areas, where the rapper sings from above a Lamborghini, or there are teenagers dimming some stuff in a pot of gold. 

Capo Plaza is not the first rapper to shoot a video in a stadium. As much as many have combined their music with a stadium, with videos shot outside or nearby (such as Ernia for La pelle del Puma or Vale Pain in Louboutin, both in San Siro), many wanted to record from inside the ground. Like Emis Killa, who for the video of the new AC Milan song featuring Saturnino, sang (of course) from inside the Meazza Stadium. In Naples, Clementino recorded a cover of Un giorno all'improvviso with a video shot in the streets of the city, only to enter, towards the end of the song, inside the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. The Ex Otago band also filmed a video from inside a ground: in Gli Occhi della Luna (featuring Jake La Furia), Maurizio Carucci and his team-mates organize a football match inside Ferraris, at night. Just to stay in the indie music world, TheGiornalisti also filmed themselves inside a stadium for the video of Sold Out. Location, the Municipal Stadium of Pomezia. 

Also abroad the stadiums were locations chosen to surround the musical production of the artists. In particular in Paris, where the video of Djadju (Dieu Merci) was filmed. Much more Emis Killa-AC Milan-style video of Cap Lee, who for Chelsea wrote the single Style and Swag and whose video is shot inside Stamford Bridge - and in fact, was posted from the Chelsea account. 

The choice to shoot a music video inside a stadium is mainly related to the structural dimension of the system, important and spectacular in appearance. But secondly, also to the lyrics of the songs. In fact, many artists (especially rappers) make references to football and players in their lyrics - Young Superstar/Capo Plaza like Ronaldo: this Capo Plaza in Giovane Fuoriclasse - and setting the song in a stadium is quite iconic in reference to the words of the songs. The tradition of rap has always included football in the songs, even at the level of outfits, with jerseys or scarves of the teams; inserting the green lawn in the music video is a new step in the relationship between football and rap, so stadiums become symbols with which to draw the attention of the crowd and fans towards the video of a song. Whether or not you talk about football in the text, for a fan, makes little difference.