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Will Ajax devote a game jersey to Bob Marley?

Three Little Birds everywhere

Will Ajax devote a game jersey to Bob Marley? Three Little Birds everywhere

For next season, Ajax F.C. could have a third shirt dedicated to Bob Marley. According to jersey enthusiast Jack Henderson (who has access to exclusive catalogues), the Lancers could follow what the Irish of Bohemian F.C. had done in 2019: they had included the Jamaican singer in the template of their jersey, then forced to modify it due to copyright problems. 

The shirt, according to the leaked, would be total black with the edge of the crew neck colored with rastafarian colors (red, green and yellow). The same color band also covers the shoulders and defines the Ajax logo: all red on a black background, with the three stars red, yellow and green. Sponsor Ziggo and adidas logo are also red. The meaning of this shirt is that Ajax and its fans have a particular connection with Bob Marley, to whom one of the most famous songs, Three Little Birds, is played by the speakers of the Amsterdam Arena before the Lancers' matches. In addition, the same song - both the lyrics and the melody - is sung by fans during the races. 

The link between the Dutch club and Bob Marley arose from a particular episode during a friendly between Cardiff City and Ajax in 2008: at the end of the match, the stadium speaker put Three Little Birds and Dutch fans inside the stadium began singing it. Back in holland, they elected her in their own erst of the year, involving all the fans until the end of 2018, when Ky-Mani Marley sang it at the Amsterdam Arena before a game.