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5 historic Venezia FC shirts

From Umbro to Kronos with an unmistakable aesthetic

5 historic Venezia FC shirts From Umbro to Kronos with an unmistakable aesthetic

The Venezia FC jersey is always a story. A story of refinement and details. A story of culture, identity, art and symbolisms. The new aesthetic that nss sports has described in the recently published Digital Cover N.01, in a journey of colors, art of the past and ambitions of the future imprinted in the shots of Ethan White and in the words of Youssef Maleh.

A story began in the 90s moving up the ladder of italian football. A golden period for style and creativity, two solid elements of the club's heritage still today despite the change of players, coaches, owners, competitions and fit. From Serie A to amateurs, from baggy to slim-fit style, the jersey is always the common thread. Unique and recognizable, remembering games and season so far and so close at the same time.   

"Playoff kit" 1990/91 by Umbro

On June 16th 1991, at "Dino Manuzzi" stadium in Cesena, Venezia FC - owned by Maurizio Zamparini and trained by Alberto Zaccheroni - wins playoff against Como and goes to Serie B. Pierantonio Bosaglia gains his "The Mitico" surname defending the penalty by Vincenzi in the final minutes of a game played with a special kit by Umbro: light blue and orange two-tone collar, the green, black and orange stripes inspired to layout of adidas jerseys worn in the previous World Cup in Italy, black numbers printed on total white of the background. And, in the middle, that "Emmezeta", an authentic 90’s jersey sponsor like "Sony", "Opel" and "Pirelli". Everything starts from here.

Home 1992/93, by Diadora  

Venezia FC celebrates the new championship wearing Diadora, authentic must have during the first 90s. In 1992/93 season the company revolutionizes home kit: the black becomes main color, with a thinner orange diagonal band and another green as background of main sponsor "Giocheria", while the Lion of St. Mark is placed on the left up to the heart. The green and the orange there are also in the half-sleeve. With this jersey young Marco Delvecchio scores 3 goals in 20 matches.

Home 1998/99, by Kronos

In the mid of 90s, thanks to Kronos, Venezia FC redefines the estethics of his jerseys changing one of the most recognizable elements: the Lion of St. Mark appears into the logo and also as airbrush, thanks to the shades of green, orange and yellow set on the home kit in total black. A choice that characterizes also 1998/99 season, closed avoiding the relegations with Walter Novellino as coach: without that jersey, Recoba’s free kick, Taibi’s savings, the marvelous comeback in the second half of the season, wouldn’t have been the same.      

Third 1999/00, by Kronos

On October 19th, 1999, the club wins against Inter the first match of the season: it’s the second consecutive win against the Nerazzurri in a calendar year at “Stadio Penzo” - the first, in the previous May, coincided with mathematical certainty of staying in Serie A. Man of the match is Pippo Maniero (8 goals against Inter, 6 wearing Venezia’s shirt) that wears the iconic third kit by Kronos: emerald green with orange details, inserts and numbers, meanwhile the Lion os St. Marks becames an its own logo with golden finitures. These are the years of the evolution of TV football in technicolor, where the Venezia’s chromatic recognizability is the real touch of color during the afternoons watching and listening a historic Italian broadcast as "90° minuto".

Home 1999/00, by Kronos

But the real radical choice during that year is about the home kit: emerald green on the background, with orange outlines on the black stripes. Because the low proportion between green, black and orange, Kronos changes the kit during the year, introducing two orange stripes of the same size as that green and that black in the middle. Also the numbers change: from orange with white outlines to a classic white for a more clear font. With this jersey Hiroshi Nanami, the third japanese in the italian championship after Kazu Miura and Hidetoshi Nakata, scores his first (and only) goal in Serie A in 5-2 loss against Udinese. An authentic one-hit wonder during the years of busts made immortal by tv shows like "Mai Dire gol".


Bonus track - Third 2001/02, by Kelme   

This third kit by Kelme - red jersey, v-neck with details and finitures in white and blue also included on the sleeves - is very rare. There are only few traces on the web, especially on the sites of private collectors unwilling to sell. At a certain point you might think that this kit never existed. But is worn in two games even, both away: in Udine and in Verona against Chievo. The score isn’t very lucky: two matches, one point, 1 goal scored (by Arturo Di Napoli) and 2 down. At the end of the season Venezia don’t avoid the relegation but in the home games against Inter (1-1) and Roma (2-2) stop the two Juventus rivals on the championship road.