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Michael Jordan's new country club

Grove XXIII is an oasis of sport that meets luxury and hi-tech

Michael Jordan's new country club Grove XXIII is an oasis of sport that meets luxury and hi-tech

Michael Jordan and golf are two inseparable things, perhaps even more so than basketball. While MJ has been able to say enough about basketball, he cannot do the same with his obsession with golf, a sport he has never practiced professionally. From today, however, it could do so in one of the most sophisticated plants in the world. Grove XXIII, a structure desired and built by Michael Jordan with the involvement of 25 selected investors, opened its doors. The name of the facility - which includes an 18-hole course, a main club house, a gatehouse, a training ground, an educational facility, several points of support along the course, changing rooms, lounge areas and a professional golf - comes from the citrus orchard that makes the Hobe Sound area of South Florida famous.

The project belongs to the  NBWW architecture firm and architect Bobby Weed, together with his partner Chris Monti, decided to create a field in the image and likeness of the Shinnecock Hills club in Long Island, NY, one of the oldest in the United States and home to the US Open in 2018. 226 acres of greenery, bunkers, but also contemporary design that make the main clubhouse above all a jewel.

According to, the total cost of the structure is around 20 million dollars, an apparently astronomical figure but not disproportionate if you calculate the technological luxuries that the just 100 members admitted to this sporting oasis can enjoy. In fact, several videos of players circulate on the net who, upon request, receive snacks during the races through a drone that reaches them and releases what is ordered.

One of the characteristics that makes it clear who the owner really is is the structure of the fields. As explained by Weed, it is possible to continuously play the various circuits without ever returning to the clubhouse, thus increasing the possibility of tighter endings, extra holes and an additional dose of competitiveness.