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'93 Famille', the documentary on Mbappe's birthplace

Produced by Copa 90 with FIFA 21, there are also Ichon and N'Diaye

'93 Famille', the documentary on Mbappe's birthplace Produced by Copa 90 with FIFA 21, there are also Ichon and N'Diaye

The sports magazine Copa 90, in collaboration with FIFA 21, produced a documentary about the municipality where Kylian Mbappe grew up, Bondy, in a district in the north of Paris. In the title, 93 stands for the district French where the neighborhood is located, where in addition to Mbappe other important figures of the youth culture of the French. In fact, in the documentary - which lasts 7 minutes and is in the French language - we talk not only about the PSG champion, but also about the musician Ichon, the designer Aïssé N'Diaye, the photographer Marvin Bonheur, all of which grew up in district 93 and became inspirational models for young locals. "93 Famille" was produced in collaboration with FIFA 21, and during the film images of Mbappe's avatar are often seen in the EA Sports video game. 

The documentary focuses on the narrative of how Bondy sees the myth of Mbappe, how the player is inspiring the community, including some young footballers from Red Star F.C., a club based in District 93. Mbappe appears in the video on call from his home in Paris, explaining his relationship with the "93"; his family, on the other hand, opened the doors of the house at Copa 90, with statements from both the player's father and French. In general, the whole documentary reports statements from people living in the neighborhood and recounting the connection with Mbappe, who became the second youngest player to score in a World Cup final after Brazilian Pelé, at 19. Bondy is a place that has greatly influenced Mbappe's growth and the player is fundamental to the local community, as, like others, it is a testimony to the possibilities that are created in investing in themselves. N'Diaye and Ichon also represent the satisfaction of a dream, and it is they, along with Mbappe - so there are football, music, culture - who inspire Bondy's youngers. That as Mbappe himself testifies, he formed him not only as a footballer, but also as a man.

"93 Famille" has a very original cut and is a story with a more extensive look, beyond football and the footballer, looking for underground references on life in the neighborhood and connections with other activities such as music. The British magazine Versus has also published a playlist, "93 till infinity", which collects 20 tracks of French rap, curated by NTS Radio DJ Thierry Phung, in reference to the music scene of the Parisian banlieu. Where football, artistic and musical talents are born.