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The project for the new Milan stadium will be the mirror of the city

Wheter it will be - maybe the "Cattedrale" - it will follow the plans of AC Milan, Inter Milan and Municipality

The project for the new Milan stadium will be the mirror of the city Wheter it will be - maybe the Cattedrale - it will follow the plans of AC Milan, Inter Milan and Municipality

According to the sources cited by some media, including Corriere della Sera, the project of the architecture studio Populous, based in Kansas City, would be ahead of the project for the new stadium in Milan. "La Cattedrale" of the American studio was in competition with "The Rings of Milan" of the Italian studio Sportium, but in any case, to see the winner completed, it will be necessary to wait about six years, with the works starting in the spring. The new stadium in Milan will be built to improve the financial flow of Milanese clubs - according to the latest data, a total gain of 131 million euros per year is expected - and make the entire stadium area a multifunctional district, active seven days a week, following the canons of other European models - but also, to quote the Italian cases, those of the Juventus Stadium and the Dacia Arena.

The San Siro di Populous will be formed on the inspiration of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the Milan Cathedral, will fill the surrounding space with greenery and raise a 152-meter tower in the same area. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, both projects make a pact with the two teams in Milan: to proceed towards modernity. But not only that. 

The new stadium of Milan follows the principles that in recent years the two clubs have already exhibited on several occasions. In addition to the renewal, witnessed by both companies with two new headquarters - one in Portello and the other in the Porta Nuova area: the two new milan management centers - Inter and Milan try to return to integrate with their city again. Milan's initiatives with some local companies, as well as the nerazzurri's new partnerships, further combine the international dimension of the clubs with the local fan base. In particular, AC Milan, which has included in each of the three kits this season a reference to the city of Milan. The same heritage that Populous celebrated in the masterplan with references to the two symbols of the Lombard city.

The Populous project should become the most sustainable stadium in the world. It will therefore marry the same line taken by the Municipality of Milan that plans interesting projects to make the city greener. Moreover, if there is a speech already in place for the pitch (especially for the Nerazzurri), the digitization and the avant-garde of the structure will bring AC Milan and Inter Milan alongside the top clubs in Europe. As mentioned, in fact, a property plant means more revenue and easier management of merchandising, fundamental in the economy of contemporary football. 


The new stadium will also serve to shift attention to a new district of Milan, the current one of San Siro, which with the new stadium will become another new commercial, entertainment and active hub beyond sport. What in practice is still lacking in a constantly evolving metropolis such as Milan, whose new stadium, will represent the satisfaction - for the sports sector - of the architectural renaissance that is distinguishing the city since more than a decade. A tic on the map of Milan that goes beyond football, just like the projects of Inter and Milan.