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The best City Edition NBA 20-21 jerseys

From the art deco of the Chicago Bulls to the rock & roll of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The best City Edition NBA 20-21 jerseys From the art deco of the Chicago Bulls to the rock & roll of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The 2020-21 NBA show is about to begin. In a few days the matches and pre-season will begin, while we will have to wait until December 22 for the first official duo ball - with a Christmas menu that already promises to be incredible. Meanwhile, the show moves from the pitch to the jerseys, with the wave of City Editions ending just a few minutes ago with the release of the "local" version of the Lakers, the Rockets, the new Westbrook Wizards and the Raptors. There are those who did well and some less, those who had courage and those who preferred to focus on tradition.


Cleveland Cavaliers: Cleveland Amplified

The new creative direction entrusted to Daniel Arsham immediately produced a must-have, one of the most beautiful jerseys of the next NBA season. The city of Cleveland has been sportingly put on the map by LeBron James, one of the rare cases of a prophet in his homeland. From what to start then? From the city's main attraction: the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The word "Cleveland" on the front of the shirt is in fact written with different characters, all taken from bands or singers of international fame: David Bowie, The Who, Metallica, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Nirvana, NWA, Led Zepplin and the Sex Pistols. Pure magic.


Brooklyn Nets: Crown County

From music to art, with the Nets proclaiming themselves "Crown County" after the homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat, an international artist who grew up in Brooklyn. Basquiat's style can be seen in the stroke with which "BKLYN" is written and in the colors of the side bands, which continue on the shirt and shorts. They are not one of the strongest duos in the league, but also an incredibly unique style. 


Phoenix Suns: Hottest in The Game

The "hottest" place in the league, both for the movements in this free agency and for the style of the Phoenix Suns. The deserted valleys of Arizona that are home to the franchise are the main inspiration for a truly special City Edition. The play of colors combined with the pixel effect makes the Suns one of the most hype teams in the league. If we add that CP3 and Devin Booker will dress her up - not Kelly Oubre, shot in a pics that has an epic - that's it.


Miami Heat: Fit for the Future

When it comes to City Edition it is practically impossible not to include the Miami Heat. Once again the indissoluble bond with the "Vice Violet" palette wins over everything and the theme of "ViceVersa" is even more amplified after a season of exceptional quality like the past one, which ended only at the Finals. of the launch and the new face of the franchise, together with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. In South Beach the usual masterpiece of colors and design.


Memphis Grizzlies: Grit, Grind and Groove

From the martinis in Key West and from the sun of Florida, a change of course to the groove of Tennessee, where the Memphis Grizzlies are as usual candidates for the "City Edition of the year". Without drawing from the past, as it did last year, the Grizzlies of rookie of the year Ja Morant reinvent themselves and rediscover the true soul of the city. While waiting for the new energy to turn into results, the new Nike jersey is inspired by Stax Studios and Isaac Hayes, respectively the label and voice that brought Memphis around the world. The unique style and colors do the rest.


San Antonio Spurs: Courage and Celebration

Colors already seen, colors that have made the Spurs one of the most respected franchises in the NBA. The nostalgia of the 90s and the "spirit of fiesta" of Texas have turned into a new explosion of colors, a symbol of courage and independence. For such a shooting, one of the great Spurs of the 90s could not be missing such as Admiral David Robinson, hall of famer and NBA champion with San Antonio in 1999 and 2003.


Indiana Pacers: Tradition Runs Deep

Another tour in the past, in a glorious past. While the team has never turned their ambitions into an NBA ring, Reggie Miller's style of the great Pacers jerseys reappears in Indiana, with decidedly more modern colors. Malcom Brogdon is the face of the campaign and probably of the franchise, called for a decisive turning point in this new season. And if the start is the pinstripe return of the year "Killer Miller" scared MJ's Bulls, the year looks promising.


Utah Jazz: Naturally Gifted

The restyling of Jazz has amazed everyone and repeating it is always the most difficult mission. Yet in Utah they know how to take advantage of colors, even just by switching from light to dark shades. This is the process of the new Jazz City Editions, which use the same color palette as last year but seem to completely change style. Simple operation but perfectly successful.


Golden State Warriors: Believe in The Bay

From Curry to Baron Davis, from Draymond Green to Stephen Jackson, from Nico Mannion to Monta Ellis. The step seems enormous, yet a mesh is enough to connect two realities that seem light years apart. After the tribute to the city of San Francisco in recent years, the Warriors focus on the true soul of the franchise, dusting off a shirt from the first decade of the 200s and bringing "Oakland" to the main stage.

Chicago Bulls: Touch The Clouds

The Bulls are looking for a way back to their former glory, but in the meantime they work beautifully with the jerseys. For this City Edition, the main inspiration is the architecture of the city, mixed with art deco design details. Two elements that have forever changed the Windy City skyline, hoping that White and LaVine can do the same on the pitch.