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The new Sampdoria celebrative shirt by Macron

The design of the club that gave life to Sampdoria is back

The new Sampdoria celebrative shirt by Macron The design of the club that gave life to Sampdoria is back

Sampdoria, with the collaboration of the technical sponsor Macron, will take the pitch on Sunday against leaders AC Milan with a special jersey. For once he will not wear the iconic Sampdoria style but will pay homage, with a special uniform, to the  Società Ginnastica Andrea Doria, whose football section will turn 120 years old. Andra Doria can be considered as one of the two parents of the club, together with the Società Ginnica Sampierdarenese. The merger of these two historic clubs, of these two sporting symbols, gave birth in 1946 to what we know today as Unione Calcio Sampdoria.

The tribute will be the unmistakable blue and white quarter suit designed in 1900 just for Andrea Doria. Macron, with a very accurate and attention to detail rework, has given life to one of the historical symbols of the club, paying homage to the company that bears the name of one of the main admirals of the Genoese Republic. The shooting of the new jerseys was made in the fantastic Villa del Principe and in its outdoor space, last renovated by the will of Andrea Doria. 

The design of the shirt is very particular: on the right part of the chest the Macron Hero logo has been embroidered in white, while in the center of the shirt stands the cross of San Giorgio, the symbol of Genoa always present on the Sampdoria Sampdoria band. On the back of the neck, on the other hand, in embossed graphics and in italics, the writing U.C. Sampdoria. The vintage appeal is evident above all thanks to the integrated elastic laces, the classic prerogative of a football that no longer exists. The fabric is jacquard, a feature that makes the sweater even richer and more particular.

The shirt will be produced in limited quantities. It is already on sale at Sampdoria Point, online and from Thursday 3 it will be in Macron Stores. The t-shirts that players will wear in matches will be auctioned on CharityStars as part of the Samp for People charity project in favor of the Giannina Gaslini Institute.