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The special kit for the 50 years of Paris Saint Germain

A limited edition release with 985 pieces available

The special kit for the 50 years of Paris Saint Germain A limited edition release with 985 pieces available

Paris Saint Germain have put up for sale the special kit for the celebration of the club's fiftieth birthday, founded by the union of Paris FC and Stade Saint Germain on 1970. Produced by Nike, the new kit will be sold exclusively in a limited edition: in fact, only 985 pieces will be available. In addition, in addition to the first shirt, PSG also added the Away model in the celebratory version.


This special PSG shirt is a celebration of the aesthetic heritage of the French club, partly born from one of its first presidents, former Parisian designer Daniel Hechter - from whom it takes the name of this year's uniform model, 'Hechter'. But the shirt, in addition to the celebratory details, is no different from this year's normal game uniform, whose design, however, was chosen precisely to refer to the tradition of the club throughout the season. The pattern is identical to that of this year's gaming jersey, but with obvious changes in details and logo. On the back is the number 50 - with gold contours - filled with the names of all the players who have worn the PSG shirt during its history, while above, the name, is that of Paris (written with the same font used this season). The logo on the chest is surrounded by a gold line with under the date of foundation, 1970, but it is also present on the right shoulder with a 50 inserted inside in italics. The Away uniform follows the same changes as the Home uniform, but with different colors: the number and the name behind are in red, the outline of the logo on the chest is in silver and the writings of the players' names inside the 50 are in white (the others were blue). Each shirt has a celebratory and reconoscitive patch of the model at the bottom right.

PSG have paid tribute to their tradition which, in fact, is very young compared to the other great clubs in Europe. But precisely for this reason, PSG is a highly innovative and youthful club, a company that follows the growth of its brand as well as the evolution of results on the pitch, so as to have become, in the last decade, a perfect example of the intersection of fashion and football. Maybe the best. 


The PSG special kit is available on store.psg