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The Hummel jersey of Football Manager Football Club

A money can't buy shirt

The Hummel jersey of Football Manager Football Club A money can't buy shirt

Hummel presented the new Football Manager Football Club (FMFC) shirt, the new football manager project, the video game whose 2021 edition was released on November 21. FM has created this virtual team to bring its fans together in an exclusive community, which allows subscribers to win this jersey through a weekly giveaway, and it's the only way to have it. Being a member of the FMFC also allows fans to receive in-game instruction and have access to FM's blogs, guides, and studio news. 

The shirt. designed by the Nomad studio and made by Hummel, it follows the typical colors of Football Manager, with purple and (in part) black stripes that cut the uniform pattern transversely. The crew neck is also purple, while the sleeves are total black except for two yellow cerci on the edge. On the right, at the top, is the coat of arms of the Football Manager Football Club - the wearer of that shirt is part of the players' team - and at the center the sponsor is WAR Child, a British organisation that raises charity funds for children around the world. A further feature is the Football Manager logo font at the bottom of the back of the shirt. 

Hummel's shirt joins an already very popular merchandising of sega's product video game, so, on the official Football Manager website, you can find cups, sweatshirts with var writing and caps. The uniform also contributes to the fashion-gaming combination that in recent months has already seen many important examples, although, due to gameplay features, FMFC cannot be a virtual team and appear in the game. Meanwhile, every year the video game is increasingly sold. Last year's figures recorded more than half a million copies sold in the first week of release alone. It should be emphasized that, this year, despite the coronavirus and all its consequences, Football Manager has come out respecting the annual cadence, that is, just on November 21st as well as the other years. FIFA 21, for example, delayed its release (to October 9) which usually took place several weeks before - early September.