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The new Nike jerseys of Hong Kong national team

The squad doens't play a single game since almost one year

The new Nike jerseys of Hong Kong national team The squad doens't play a single game since almost one year

Nike presented the two new jerseys of the Hong Kong national team, called "Concrete Jungle", which the Asian selection will use during the next commitments of the 2020-21 season. Hong Kong has not played an international match since Last December due to cancellations due to the coronavirus, which postponed qualifying matches for the Qatar 2022 World Cup that the selection will play - it is not yet known when - against Iraq, Iran and Bahrain. 

For the Concrete Jungle, the American brand was inspired by the skyscrapers of the metropolitan area, inserting in the pattern of the jerseys the reliefs with geometric shapes of the buildings. The Home uniform is entirely red with lighter shades on one half of the collar and on some sides of the mesh geometries; the Away, the white one, has the collar and edges of the orange sleeves, with the Swoosh of the red Nike (on the other, the Home, is white). To underline the architectural inspiration of the two jerseys, the shooting was shot in a field surrounded by skyscrapers, a place that symbolizes not only the reference to the space of the island, but also to the path of the players, who from the fields like that, immersed in the urban area, have grown up to represent the national team. 

As the South Asian Post explains, the coronavirus is greatly limiting sporting activity in Hong Kong - as in the rest of Asia - and even, the local national team has not played a home game at Hong Kong Stadium in a year. The pandemic is blocking sport in general in Hong Kong - the national rugby team returned to play two weeks ago after nine months - but that is not the only problem. For months, in Hong Kong there are protesting against the forms of control of the Chinese Government, which recently opened a new legislative office in the former British colony. Beijing's control over Hong Kong has been becoming more aggressive in recent times, and the opening of a new government hub on the state seems to be a clear message to the people and to the demonstrators.