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The 5 best Club House in Italy

There's one literally in the middle of a river

The 5 best Club House in Italy There's one literally in the middle of a river

When Manchester City hired Guardiola in 2017, Sheikh Mansur chose him not only for the results on the pitch, but to implant a new working method in his company. So the Catalan manager not only organized field work, tactics, but also rebuilt the club from top to bottom: the changing rooms, the technical staff, the training center. City, along with Liverpool's new and Ajax's, are all-encompassing, comfortable and technological clubhouses. 

Similar state-of-the-art areas also exist in Italy, where indeed, there has been an international reference point for years. It is Milanello, inaugurated in 1963 and renovated by Berlusconi, which was one of the most avant-garde training facilities in the world. As today, in the province of Como, Inter have its own Club House, modernized at the behest of the Zhang family and in response to the other great sports center of Serie A: the Juventus Training Center. But in Italy - not just for Serie A clubs - there are many other top-notch structures for talent training and internal team organisation. Some clubs has just completed their project, such as Sassuolo Calcio did with its Mapei Football Center, or others that are still developing, such as Fiorentina Calcio. 

nss sports has chosen the best. 


Suning Sports Center - Inter 

The new Inter Club House opened on July 11 this year and was an important step in completing the modernization process desired by the Zhang family. In fact, Suning's will has always been to rebrand Inter according to new and modern principles, and the sports center was the first step. First the inauguration of the Inter Media House, then the construction of the Club House where Inter staff and teams rest and sleep - first team and youth. The Suning Center sports center has five courts plus one covered, plus gyms and a pool. The relax area, of course, is the newest and the most modern in desing, curated by the COIMA IMAGE studio.


Juventus Training Center - Juventus

First the stadium, then the sports center. While the Juventus of the various Conte and Allegri won championships one after another creating a strong authority on the field, the management thought to transfer this dimension of avant-garde and superiority even outside, building the Juventus Training Center. The structure was built right next to the Juventus Stadium and being inaugurated in 2018 it is very modern and made with minimal architecture. There are four grass courts for workouts plus, in addition to the spaces needed by insiders (swimming pool, gym, physiotherapy room), also the Juventus Media Centre, where Juventus TV records its broadcasts. A few steps away, but detached, there are also the J Medical (where the Bianconeri players and the new purchases support the medical visits) and the J Hotel, the hotel where the team goes to retreat and also open to fans. 


Centro sportivo Bottagisio - Chievo Verona 

Chievo Verona has been for many years a beautiful history of Italian football: the team "of a neighborhood" that from amateurs divisions has touched the Champions League qualifications. Despite the relegation to Serie B in 2018, the Clivensi side have become a model company thanks to a shrewd organization that, over the years, has led to excellent results, such as the Bottagisio Sports Center. Litterally in the middle of the Adige river, in the sports center there are two natural grass courts and two soccer fields, but in general, the structure of the gialloblu is made specifically for sports empowerment. There are spaces for disabled athletes, the company provides the structure for other companies (with spaces used for fencing, a swimming pool). The former Sports Minister Luca Lotti had called it during his mandate "a structure to imitate", enhancing both the location and the sustainability of the plant, equipped with photovoltaic panels and energy saving systems.


Novarello - Novara Calcio 

When Novara arrived in Serie A after so many years in 2011, the Piedmontese sports chronicle focused on two things: the synthetic grass stadium Silvio Piola and the sports center of Novarello. The property is in fact a fairytale place, almost uncontaminated, which still houses a spa and a farmhouse with a restaurant inside. The hotel and the relaxation area of the players are located in a renovated ancient building with views of the fields of the Piedmontese countryside. The sports complex includes three football fields at 11 plus three to 8, gym and indoor sports hall. Novara has been training in the center for several years and often there is also the summer retreat - the hotel has 80 rooms available - but other professional clubs also meet in Novarello for sports gatherings. Many journalists pointed out the good looks of the location, modern in structure and relaxing in context. 


Centro Sportivo Bortolotti - Atalanta 

The great rebranding of Atalanta has not only passed from gasperini's technical project and the modernization of the Gewiss Stadium. The Bortolotti Sports Center, in Zingonia, is a technological and cutting-edge pole for goddess training. Built on a space of 120 thousand square meters, the property includes 7 playgrounds, gyms, changing rooms, restaurant, massage and physiotherapy rooms, spa meeting rooms and spa and green areas. Lighting systems and buildings are of the latest generation. The design of the buildings - swimming pool, changing rooms, offices, canteen rooms and relaxation area - is neutral and with some wooden structures, a plant similar to those of the big clubs in Europe. On the other hand, the Bortolotti was an investment of almost 10 million euros, also used to add a house for the nursery - which houses the guest house - and the construction of covered stands on some of the five playing fields, including that of camp no. 2, where brambilla spring plays.