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Lack of Guidance presents 'Arrivederchi', inspired by Italia 90

It talks about Fiat Panda, England' and MDMA

Lack of Guidance presents 'Arrivederchi', inspired by Italia 90 It talks about Fiat Panda, England' and MDMA

Dutch brand Lack of Guidance presented the Arrivederchi, a new collection created together with Ollie Evans' Too Hot brand. A line that wants to narrate the dialogue between Italia 90 and the English underground culture of the immediately preceding years. That of British rave culture in relation to the most iconic elements of Italy that hosted the thirteenth edition of the World Cup, then the Fiat Panda, the Paninari of Milan (famous in the eighties), the official song of the New Order. Italia 90 has meant a new period of reference for the generations of young Englishmen, who in the images and icons of the Italian tournament have seen a form of escapism from the dark years. 

The collection consists of a few items. There are in fact only short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts, but given the other releases contained in Lack Of Guidance it is nothing new. There are several t-shirts each with different prints, from Torino 90 in italics to the Too Hot logo in the center of the shirt. In fact, in front of the shirt you can see both the Too Hot logo and the Lack of Guidance logo, while the various sports covers are all on the back. In the shooting Lack of Guidance used a Fiat Panda to underline the reference to Italia 90, being the specific car an exemplary element of the competition and the cultural context that was the background. 

Lack of Guidance has always shown interest in the connections between football and culture, from the fight against racism to the icons of a certain type of football. The influences in mass culture, such as this one of Italia 90, are one of the favorite subjects of the Dutch brand, which has been expressing for years the youthful attention to the heritage of vintage football. With 'Arrivederchi', then, the reference mentioned to rave culture is significant to underline how football has influenced a lot even in the most underground areas of the generations of the 90s in England.


The 'Arrivederchi' collection of Lack of Guidance x Too Hot is available on lackofguidance