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The piramid of PUMA sponsorship

Premium, Standard, Third Party

The piramid of PUMA sponsorship Premium, Standard, Third Party

Neymar's signature and Lewandowski's likely signature are downsizing the image of PUMA, a brand that for years has reconsted adidas and Nike and that, instead, is now closing the gap that separated it from those brands. Also through a work on meshes. PUMA has in fact established important partnerships in football: it has been sponsors of Manchester City, Milan and Borussia Dortmund for three seasons, the trio that together with Valencia, Marseille, Palmerias and Deportivo Guadalajara constitute the first level of PUMA's partnerships. 

The footyheadlines website has designed the pyramid of sponsorships of PUMA divided into sponsorship levels: the 91 teams (not National teams) of the brand are grouped according to the type of contract signed with PUMA. Like Nike and adidas, PUMA does not make personalized sports material for everyone, and some clubs have customized uniforms from the first to the third, with off-the-pitch collections and in some cases with fourth jerseys. PUMA divides relations with its teams into three categories: Premium, Standard and Third Party clubs. 

PUMA Premium Clubs have a total and exclusive agreement. The brand provides them with personalized kits, organizes events in partnership, shoots and completes the relationship with collaborations that go beyond the field: for these teams, PUMA also creates leisurewear material and specialized items. The few clubs that make up this elite also have a more lucrative contract, such as Borussia Dortmund. The German club has an exclusive collaboration contract with PUMA for 250 million euros throughout the duration of the eight-year agreement (from the 2019/2020 season to the 2027/2028 season). Milan receive 20 million a year from the German brand, while the Citizens are the ones with the most exosus contract of all: 65 million per season for 10 years.

The Premium group is completed with Olympique Marseille and Valencia in Europe and Palmeiras (Brazil) and Deportivo Guadalajara (Mexico) in South America. Unlike Nike and adidas, PUMA also has elitist agreements with clubs in Central and South America. 


Under the seven Premium clubs are the standard ones. These teams have the first and second custom designed kits and also custom training kits (k-way, sweatshirts, t-shirts), but they have lower economic recognition and do not have the custom design for off-the-pitch outfits. It includes the Dutch PSV - who joined PUMA for the first time this season -, the Germans of Borussia Monchengladbach, the French of Rennes, the Czechs of Slavia Prague, the Argentines of Independiente Club and the Mexicans of Monterrey. These teams have the first and second custom designed kits and also custom training material (k-way, sweatshirts, t-shirts). It also includes a number of other clubs around the world, including Newcastle (Premier League), Krasnodar (Russian Prem'er Liga), Groningen (Eredivisie), Melbourne City F.C. (A-League), Malmoe (Allsvenskan).  
The third and final group is the Third Party, that is, the one in which the clubs have a direct relationship with PUMA and have a first jersey made with an original design, but in the contract there are no other special supplies or notable wages. There are some English second division clubs such as Wigan, Oxford, Barnsley, Blackpool, a Premier League club - West Bromwich Albion -, the Germans from Holfstein. At the bottom of the pyramid there are many other teams for which PUMA provides only the logo, with a static design and without contracts or customizations: as for other brands, it is the clubs that ask for the PUMA shirt.