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The new City Edition Jersey of the 2020-21 NBA teams

The new City Edition Jersey of the 2020-21 NBA teams

The most powerful marketing machine in the world is that of the NBA and ideas are born from it that are able to transform the "local" into "global". The best example are the city edition jerseys, shirts produced by the franchises and which pay homage to the territory and the cities to which they belong. In this first tranche, 10 teams have already made these special editions official and there is already great quality, both in production and in launch methods.


Phoenix Suns

Hands down the best city edition presented so far, with an introduction video that says a lot about quality. The reference to the deserted valleys of Arizona - perfect scenarios for a western - and the interpretations of the hype player par excellence as Kelly Oubre Jr. does the rest. The colors of the valleys and always of the Suns in one of the most beautiful and most characteristic versions that will be seen on the NBA parquet.


Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors must have pressed the "nostalgia" button because their city edition is a tribute to the most incredible team - in terms of style - in the history of the franchise: a young Beli, Monta Ellis but above all the duo Baron Davis - Stephen Jackson . Steph Curry wears a jersey whose style refers to those historic nights, with the change from "Warriors" of the time to "Oakland" to emphasize the link with the territory.


Philadelphia 76ers

In Philadelphia everything is very fluid in terms of the future, but if there is one thing that remains very close to this franchise it is the style. The new shirt is a tribute to the skyline of the city of eternal love, but the details betray the design. Among the stylized houses there seems to be a "TTP", a clear reference to "Trust The Process", a symbolic phrase by Joel Embiid. For the occasion, the 76ers involved a legend like Allen Iverson, recreating a historic cover of SLAM.


Portland Trailblazers

From Pennsylvania to Oregon, where bright colors reign supreme almost all year round. The celebration of the "majesty of Oregon" is the inspiration that convinced Nike's designers to design the iconic mountains of the state, adding the most characteristic colors. In its simplicity, one of the stylistically best jerseys for Lillard and Melo.


Charlotte Hornets

From Nike to Jordan, with the Hornets extolling the nickname of the team and the city in their Jordan city edition. Also in this case, the level of attention in the presentation and shooting seems manic, with the gold-black details contrasting the symbolic color of MJ's franchise.


Atlanta Hawks

Georgia and Atlanta are romantically and ideally linked to Martin Luther King, so much so that the Hawks once again pay homage to a global but also proudly local cultural icon. Trae Young and his companions will dress in black-gold-white, complete with MLK lettering to pay homage to the city hero who changed the world with the strength of his ideas.


Brooklyn Nets

The two jerseys launched so far by the Nets of Irving and Durant represent the city edition and the classic edition for the 2020-21 season. While on the one hand there is a tribute to a local artist like Basquiat, on the other hand the blue version clearly reproduces Drazen Petrovic's Nets, in one of the most successful reinterpretations of recent years.


Memphis Grizzlies

Another round, another historical return. Even the Memphis Grizzlies have decided to return to live a uniform already seen in the past, naturally revisited but also chromatically faithful to that seen in the early 2000s, when the then Vancouver Grizzlies commanded Jason Williams and a young Pau Gasol.


Orlando Magic

The Florida of the Orlando Magic, famous for the sun and citrus. All Orange County on the next Magic jersey, with the pinstripe that can never be missing and with the orange that is revived after the success of last season. It is perhaps the shirt that most distorts the aesthetic identity of the franchise, but it is also one of the most iconic.


Sacramento Kings

The results of the Kings are not brilliant and also aesthetically it is difficult to put them on the same level as the other franchises. If on the one hand they have the best communication office ever, on the other hand the Sactown city edition does not convey anything special, similar in many aspects to last year's.