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There will be a biopic on Zlatan Ibrahimovic

A film inspired by the book "I, Ibra"

There will be a biopic on Zlatan Ibrahimovic  A film inspired by the book I, Ibra

In the autumn of 2021 will be released "I am Zlatan", a film about Zlatan Ibrahimovic produced by the Italian production company Lucky Red and which will retrace the Swedish striker's entire career. The release of the film was announced by the production company with a photo published on various social media profiles and will be the film adaptation of the biography written by David Lagercrantz and Ibra himself, "Io, Ibra", a book that has sold more than a million copies in the world and from which some anecdotes about Ibrahimovic's football experiences have become famous.

The film was shot by Jens Sjogren while the actors who will play Ibrahimovic will be Dominic Bajraktari Andersson - for the 11-year-old Zlatan - and Granit Rushiti- for the period from 17 to 23 years. Filming began in Sweden a few weeks ago and is continuing during these days, with Ibra participating in the writing of the script and in contact with the director to follow the development of the production. The film will be based a lot on what was written in "I, Ibra" and will follow the main stages of the Swede's career, from the football team in Sweden to the beginnings with Ajax and the main stages of his career.  

The biopic about Ibra is announced at a time when football and cinema are in constant dialogue. A few weeks ago, in fact, it had been released for a few days in cinemas "Mi chiamo Francesco Totti", a biopic about the life of the historic captain of Rome and soon available on Prime Video - also on Totti, produced by Sky, the tv serie "Speravo de morì prima" will be released in 2021. In 2019 the award-winning director Asif Kapadia had brought Maradona to the big screen with the documentary Diego Maradona, much applauded, as have the biopics on Pelé, again Maradona and, above all, Toro Scatenato, the film by Martin Scorsese and with Robert De Niro about the life of Jack La Motta, a historic Italian-American boxer.