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The born of "Le 7 sorelle", the ecommerce of Italian football vintage

A website for the sell of original vintage shirts

The born of Le 7 sorelle, the ecommerce of Italian football vintage A website for the sell of original vintage shirts

The ecommerce portal for football jerseys "Le 7 sorelle" is active these days, dedicated to the sale of the best vintage jerseys exclusively of the top clubs of Italian football. A site where you can buy the historical uniforms of the seven sisters of the Serie A: Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, SS Lazio, Parma FC and Fiorentina but not only. Also the jerseys of many provincial clubs or historic teams of the Italian championship, but above all, with the names of the champions printed. Zola, Kakà, Ronaldo's are all original jerseys and not replicas, with prices starting from 99€ and with very original search options. In fact, you can search for the jersey through the technical sponsor or by vintage, plus, of course, the possibility to select the championship or the single team.

The site was founded by Armando Vallone, founder of the website and CEO of soccertime, who to explain the idea behind "Le 7 sorelle" says: 

Il progetto nasce nel 1980, negli anni d’Oro di Maradona, Platini, Van Basten. Quello che ho sempre amato di questa collezione è vedere l’evoluzione dei tessuti ed anche dei loghi, molti dei quali hanno fatto davvero la storia del Calcio italiano, riportandoti indietro nel tempo.


On the site, the proposal of jerseys is also accompanied by the storytelling of anecdotes and events related to football uniforms, with a view to expressing to the maximum the aesthetics and atmosphere of Italian football of the eighties and nineties. Probably the most flourishing football period in Serie A and in which the aesthetics of the jerseys reached a unique historical moment. Great original patterns and designs have defined Italian football fashion - large sizes, rigid collars, rough fabrics, unlikely templates -, successfully exported all over the world thanks to the international companies of the 7 sisters: the UEFA Cups of Inter Milan, Parma FC and Juventus, the Champions League of AC Milan, the European Super Cup of Napli. The period between the 1980s and 1990s was so harmoniously aesthetic that in recent years it is returning to fashion, and in fact, a highly sought-after old style mesh market has developed. Sites such as Classic Football Shirts or Vintage Football Club are ecommerce where fans look for the jerseys of the past, whether they are the second of Manchester United of '94 or the Nintendo shirt of Fiorentina



The e-commerce platform "Le 7 sorelle" is accessible here