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The new adidas pre-match kit of Arsenal

Eye on the warm up one

The new adidas pre-match kit of Arsenal Eye on the warm up one

Items from Arsenal's pre-match collection, consisting of a total of 13 items that Gunners players and players will have at their disposal to carry out the various training and warm-up phases before the game, have come out. Adidas garments are not only for heating, but also include a kway, a resting suit, a jacket for entry into the field, a top and two training jerseys. For some garments there are two models with different cuts for men and women. 

The heating jersey is the most interesting garment in the entire collection. Made with adidas AEROREADY technology to better absorb sweat, the pattern is an original cross of red and black stripes that give the coloring an almost camouflage effect. The shirt is crew neck (black) and the pattern of the two colors repeats itself the same on the back of the uniform. The Arsenal logo has a peculiarity: it does not have the same colors as the original but white instead of gold, while the rest remains all red. 

The other adidas garments are more standard in design and have no particular details. They change in colors (heavenly ones for training and walking, green for pre-race ones) and the only singularities are the zippers of the tone jackets, with a string tab. By the way, Arsenal already have another training item, that of the Human Race x adidas collection, made following the template of the shirt designed by Pharrell Williams




The new adidas training kit of Arsenal are available on arsenaldirect