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Teh new third kit PUMA of Sassuolo Calcio

Inspired by the local territoy and the Italian National team

Teh new third kit PUMA of Sassuolo Calcio  Inspired by the local territoy and the Italian National team

PUMA has unveiled the new third shirt for Sassuolo Calcio, who will start on Friday in the match against Udinese in Serie A. The uniform is a tribute to the neroverde club project, to the values that unite Sassuolo with the local community in the year of the centenary of Emilian society. A unique sports program in Italy made up of programming, youth growth and total identification of the team with its fans.  

As in his other uniforms seen this season, PUMA has created a jersey with an original design, composed of a sors of 3D pattern with green triangles that follow each other. The Electric Blue color is a precise reference of Sassuolo Calcio to the Italian National team, celebrated with this color along the uniform, in the sleeves and in the crew neck collar. The PUMA logo is on the left side and on both sleeves, while on the right there is the logo of Sassuolo Calcio, which this season has a special design in celebration of the centenary of the club. The logo is in fact the same as before but with the contour and stripes of the top in gold, plus, below, the number one hundred in black on a gold background instead of the black-green stripes. The jersey is made with a PUMA dryCELL fabric that allows the player to have a perfect body temperature through his technology that regulates humidity. In addition, the absence of seams of the uniform make its fit much more comfortable. 

Sassuolo Calcio, signing with PUMA, has made a significant improvement in its brand, at the same time facilitated by the excellent results on the pitch of the team - momentarily in second place in Serie A - and by the continuous presence of neroverdi players in the national team - Caputo, Locatelli, Berardi: that the Electric Blue of the shirt is just a reference to this moment?. The availability of having a third kit with a personalized design makes Sassuolo Calcio a club with a higher level of aesthetic visibility, which ensures the team a better image off the pitch. 




The third kit of Sassuolo Calcio is available on store.sassuolocalcio and at some selected retailer.