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David Beckham has landed in the world of eSports

His investment in Guild eSports has already brought in $ 20 million

David Beckham has landed in the world of eSports His investment in Guild eSports has already brought in $ 20 million

Commercial talent has always been part of David Beckham's DNA. Every step taken off the pitch has generated unprecedented profits. He has lent his face and his iconic style to brands, teams and big projects, but it's time to meet a new version of Becks. In the last two weeks, the agreement between Spice Boy and Guild Esports, one of the most renowned eSports franchises in the gaming world, has been formalized.

Again, everything DB touches becomes gold: Guild Esports has entered into a five-year influencer deal with Footwork Productions, a former United-owned company founded to manage his image rights. This 5-year agreement was signed on May 4, 2020 and allowed Beckham to become the co-owner of the organization without a real investment on his part and to gross $ 19.7 million.

Beckham enters a very rich business: the turnover behind the gaming world has already exceeded one billion dollars and forecasts, also thanks to the face of the president of Inter Miami FC, predict a growth of another 560 million in the next three years. Between 2019 and 2020, users went from 443 million to 646, thus updating every record. "During my career, I have been lucky enough to work with top players and have seen firsthand the passion and dedication needed to play at a high level," said Beckham. "I see that same determination in our esports athletes today and in the Guild we have a plan to raise the bar even further, supporting these players in the future. We are committed to nurturing and encouraging young talent through our academic systems" he added. new face of the deductible.

One of the first moves of the Guild co-founder was to list the company on the London Stock Exchange, in order to guarantee continuous investments. It is the first eSports company to do so and it will also be a test for Beckham, to demonstrate once again the qualities of him as King Midas. Currently the franchise is worth around 40 million pounds and does not limit its reach to gaming platforms. Carleton Curtis, the executive president of Guild Esports, said that a clothing collection, Patch 0.0.1, designed by Fergus Purcell, one of the most important personalities of London street style, will soon arrive.

Beckham already joins the large group of players who are active at the eSports level: from Gareth Bale with his Ellevens Sports to KRÜ Esports of Kun Aguero, to CaseEsports founded just a few days ago by Casemiro, passing through DUX Gaming of Thibaut Courtois.