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The 'Champions' patch of the Liga Professional de Futbol

Boca Juniors has already shown in the best way

The 'Champions' patch of the Liga Professional de Futbol  Boca Juniors has already shown in the best way

The AFA (Argentine Football Federation) has confirmed the change of logo of argentina's first football league, the Liga Professional de Futbol argentina, named after the change announced last May and in which the new title was also declared. In the first round played this weekend, Boca Juniors also played against Lanùs on the road exhibiting for the first time the new 'Champions' patch, the one wearable only by the holders of the tournament. 

Tevez and teammates showed it Sunday night in Nestor Diaz Perez's victory: it's the same as the other teams in shape, design and size, but it has the only difference of being entirely in gold - more around the white contours like the other. In fact, the common coat of arms is also gilded and surrounded by a white line, but some details have different colors: the acronym for the name of the LPF tournament is in blue. Above, with its white and light blue colors, the acronym AFA stands throughout the coat of arms. The logo change is part of Argentina's largest rebranding operation of its image and championships. In 2017 the name of the first argentine football division - in the Primera Division - was changed and now we are arriving at a new step in this evolution. 

The current one is yet another change in a few years for the AFA, which is showing considerable confusion in both national tournaments and Selecion. In recent seasons, in fact, the management has changed coach several times - three different coaches since 2017: Bauza, Sampaoli and since 2018 Scaloni - and Messi himself has highlighted significant problems in planning and internal organization. The championships are also suffering, and the continuous evolution of the brand of the top Argentine tournament shows a fairly sharp chaos and that has not led to any concrete results. Also because the AFA has recently been challenged due to strong protests from clubs about the organisation of tournaments, especially for the relegation aspect, so the Federation has currently decided that they will not be in the current league. A management crisis also aggravated by covid-19 that has overwhelmed the resources of the clubs and the AFA itself, repeatedly criticized - as happened in many football contexts, including European - for the absence of an efficient reorganization plan.