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The new Nike Phantom GT Scorpion inspired by "The Cage"

With a design that celebrates the epic "Secret Tournament" of 2002

The new Nike Phantom GT Scorpion inspired by The Cage With a design that celebrates the epic Secret Tournament of 2002

Nike launches the new Phantom GT Scorpion and is ready to awaken the spirit of nostalgics, with a journey through time that will take them up to 2002. The new swoosh boots enrich the increasingly numerous Phantom family with a model that knows how to be modern to vintage at the same time. The clear reference is the "Secret Tournament", a series of Nike commercials that told of an epic tournament that took place, under the control of Cantona, inside a cage on a ship. Players like Henry, Nakata, Totti, Ronaldo, Dinho, Crespo, Scholes and Roberto Carlos prepared the audience for the Japanese-Korean World Cup that summer. In the remake proposed by nss sports the interpreters have changed but not the epic nature of the format.

The design of the shoe refers to the "cage", with the upper that appears to be chrome and with a plate that is the same shade as the (mirrored) game ball of the tournament that shocked the world of advertising. Throughout the shoe there are evident references for connoisseurs of the genre: from the yellow and black stripes that signaled the doors to the iconic scorpion symbol of the countryside. Speaking of the logo, there is a small update: the original version did not include written, while the new Phantom GT Scorpion will feature "Secret Tournament" and "Engineered For Skills".

The Nike Phantom GT Scorpion will be available November 2 on