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Netflix will release a documentary on Mike Tyson

It will accompany the great clash with Roy Jones Junior

Netflix will release a documentary on Mike Tyson It will accompany the great clash with Roy Jones Junior

It will be a Netflix documentary that intimately tells the life of Mike Tyson, ready to return to the ring 15 years after the last meeting. On November 28, Iron Tyson will challenge Roy Jones Jr. for the WBC Frontline Battle Belt, a special belt created by the WBC (World Boxing Council) for this historic match and which Tyson will fight at age 54. Netflix, according to the Sun, has made a very gory and dramatic documentary, in which Tyson let himself go about his personal life with an almost movie sentence: "Happiness does not exist for me".  

Kid Dynamate's last fight was in July 2005 against Kevin McBride, in which Tyson was defeated and announced his retirement from sporting events. This year, surprisingly, he chose to return to fight against another great champion of the past, Roy Jones Junior (51), a four-time light heavyweight champion in a bout that given the age of the fighters will have special rules. The challenge in the ring had been announced for September 16, but due to the coronavirus, the WBC decided to postpone the match that will also be held in California. 

Mike Tyson's return to the ring is for many a reminder of adolescence, for others an opportunity to see a champion and icon of the 80s and 90s back in action. Millennials and GEN Z have grown (or watched) Anthony Joshua, MMA, McGregor's mitomania, while Mike Tyson has always been a sporting icon, but not only. Posters, T-shirts, slogans and cinema have included Iron Tyson in pop culture - the Chinatown brand has collaborated for a capsule collection - and for the last generations its image is close to that of other sports myths.

Netflix will be yet another documentary with a sports topic among the many released in the last two years both on the American platform and on the main competitor Prime Video. The documentary has been described as very raw and particularly attentive to the difficult moments in Mike Tyson's life.