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10 ballers to follow in the Serie A Women

The Serie A Women is still far from other leagues, but things are slowly changing

10 ballers to follow in the Serie A Women  The Serie A Women is still far from other leagues, but things are slowly changing

As a sporting event of national interest, women's football has not been blocked by the latest decree for coronavirus, and in recent weeks, the Serie A Women has continued to play with the usual regularity. It is a very fought championship and, within three years, it has matured a lot in some respects - visibility and technical rate - but at the same time it still has a lot to work on. Meanwhile, the quarter-finals of Italy at the 2019 World Cup in France brought the concept of women's football in Italy into the mainstream, until before only something niche, limited, sporadic. 

Some events have allowed the movement to grow both on and off the field, and the results are not only more spectators in the facilities during the matches, but also stronger kickers. That many also come from abroad, attracted by the fame of clubs such as Juventus, Fiorentina, Milan and Rome. 

Eleonora Goldoni - Napoli - Striker

Football forces us to make important sacrifices. How to leave the team of the heart for higher professional goals. This, in summary, is the summer of Eleonora Goldoni, in recent years an Inter bomber and now a new Napoli Calcio midfielder. Goldoni is considered the best Italian female talent of recent years, the spearhead of a generation of great footballers: with 211 thousand followers she is the most followed Italian footballer on social media. After being a good player on a level roster, in Naples she will be the technical leader of the team. 


Allyson Swabi - AS Roma - Defender

There are few female footballers in Italy like Allyson Swaby. The Jamaican power house of Rome is a player committed to the fight against racism and, in particular, has written a lot during the Black Lives Matter protests. The attention to delicate issues was rewarded by Rome with patches on the jerseys of the men's division - a badge with BLM writing. An important figure in the Bavagnoli squad, Swabi is also a point of reference for the Jamaican national team. She started playing on the Boston College sports team - where she graduated - and physically is one of the strongest players in Serie A.


Haley Bugeja - Sassuolo - Striker 

He played in the Maltese league and is now practically the craque of the Italian league. Only 16 years old. Haley Burgeja is a candidate to be sassuolo's leading woman. Very polite (right) foot, shortline and a bit sly physique. Haley Bugeja plays from the outside but her ability to receive the ball between the lines and move the action towards the opposing goal makes her an offensive joker.  She has already scored a lot (with the national team) and well (incredible goal at Napoli) and all this in a few months since she arrived in Italy. Age is basically what they are caring for in an expanding football movement, especially since the blows she showed on these first days, at just 16 years old, are not normal. 


Matilde Lundorf Skovsen - Juventus Woman - Defender

A crucial summer purchase of Juventus Women, Matilde Lundorf is one of those players able to export the image of Italian championship abroad. In fact, the twenty-one-year-old Danish - coming from Brighton, FA Women's Premier League - is also a permanent presence in the national team, with which she stopped last year in the Under-19 World Cup. Lundorf is a very good central defender with his feet, although at the moment, he is taking a while to fit into the Italian league, often starting from the bench. But the talent and potential of the player is of a very high level. Meanwhile, she seems to have fallen perfectly in the city of Turin, and apparently, she is a big fan of culture and museums.


Roberta Aprile - Inter Women - Goalkeeper


Roberta Aprile is not even twenty years old but already has won two championships in the curriculum. One of Serie B with Pink Bari and one Spring the year before, always in Puglia. This year she was chosen by Inter to be the starting goalkeeper of a team nominated to win the title, in recent months Roberta Aprile has become a symbol of the new Italian women's football, a player for the future and a product of Italian football schools

Valentina Bergamaschi - Milan - Striker


Bergamaschi is a different striker. Fewer goals and more banks, more outwards than towards the centre of the area. Her very modern game makes her in fact one of the leading players of Milan, a very strong team and that over the years has built a level roster and with an international dimension. Bergamaschi is in the National team and is one of the most followed players by the public (45,000 followers on Instagram). She is also the testimonial of a program that deals with products for healtcare and healthy food. 



Caroline Moller - Inter - Striker 


Born in 1998, Caroline Moller was one of the most important players in the Danish league, for very advanced technical means. In fact, there was talk of a market hit when it was bought by Inter. In addition to being a tip from the many goals - about forty in Fortuna Hjorring Football Club - she is the testimonial of a Danish energizing company very popular at home, Vitamine Well. 


Andrea Staskova - Juventus Women - Striker

At home Andrea Stakova is one of the most famous and appreciated footballers, and Juventus has chosen her for this. Staskova is very strong physically, but what is also striking is her attention to outfits and her off-court style. In Turin since 2019, Staskova is one of juve's best players and ready, in the coming years, to also be a reference figure for the Italian championship. Meanwhile, he has already played in the Champions League with Sparta Prague and Juventus. 


Benedetta Glionna - Empoli Ladies - Striker


After a Scudetto won with Juventus, the management wanted to send her on loan to Empoli, an ambitious but still growing team. Yet Benedetta Glionna is by no means the latest arrival. Nike has chosen her - along with former partner Sara Gama - for a motivational video Nulla può fermarci and her hunger on the court is probably her first brochure. A talent also of Bartolini's National team, Glionna gained popularity after winning the 'Golden Girl' award last season and on the field, among them, as well as for the talent stands out for an iconic red headband that she wears in every race.  


Annamaria Serturini - AS Roma Women - Midfielder


Nike Italia has focused strongly on Annamaria Serturini, also inserting nothing in the video Nulla può fermarci. In fact, Serturini is a very talented player and one of the best in the new generation of Italian talents. Technically he has important means, to which he combines a great race that both coaches Bavagnoli and Bertolini like with Rome and Italy. Declared a Breaking bad fan,the Lombard midfielder very often ends up in the table of games for goals or assists (by characteristics one could define an excellent mix of quantity and quality) and is defined by insiders particularly energetic and modern in his style of play.